Friday, 2 February 2018

'Making Winter' days count...

Its now February and That feeling of  'one step' closer to Spring is uplifting my daily thoughts...
Although, the rain still seems quite heavy and skies heavy with dark clouds I am noticing a few more sunnier moments. We seem to get the sun in brief, small segments but it is a very warm welcome to see it if only for half an hour or so...The rain has poured and poured over January and our steep, hilly flint steps behind the cottage are risky to climb up towards the hilly part of the garden. I have to be very careful. My partner went up a few months back and slipped, he was badly bruised. Sprinkling grit or salt helps!~ but that is not always close to hand.
Anyway, once you're up there its a lovely peaceful haven...Everything rather battered from storms, gales and rain fall but there beneath in the bare branches are signs of crocuses, daffodil shoots and on the walled garden side the yellow primrose is peeping her sunny head through the long grass.  I notice the apple tree's are starting to show signs of growth too...Its all rather exciting!...Small snippets of Spring!...As I type this the Sun is bursting through wet clouds and things seem instantly uplifting. Its these small but significant signs of life that make me revel in the 'joy' of the seasons.  The winter too has its beauty...I have to keep telling myself this on the soaked through school runs...
Just before Christmas I treated myself to the book 'Making Winter' by Emma Mitchell. 'A creative guide to surviving the winter months'...The seasons have always played a huge part in my daily happiness. Often that is the first thing I will search for to give me joy on a bleak day...Nature, walking and a posy of flowers in my home cheer my days.My life is so much different these past years~ I'm in truly happy position with a wonderful, kind hearted partner who is also my best friend and enjoys nature and walks like I do. But I was a single mother with a tiny baby and lived alone for 8 years!, Although I always made the best of my situation and have great memories of that time with it at times I had real deep loneliness, depression and anxiety.  My coping mechanism was walking and enjoying the changing seasons...It gave me and my daughter hope, joy and happiness and even good health. I would take my camera and we would loose ourselves in the Devon landscape for hours...listening to birds and stopping for picnics deep in the woods. I owe so much to the natural beauty of life and what it offers you. 
So the book 'Making Winter'  really does speak volumes to me...Also its full of lovely creative ideas.
You must also check out her wonderful blog 'silverpebble' and her instagram account @silverpebble2 ...I've followed her blog for quite a few years...Emma is a silver clay jewellery maker too~ she makes beautiful silver nature related makes. I also love her drawings from nature. Very inspiring!. Also two of the many lovely blogs i've been following for years,  Lucy from 'Attic24' blog and  'Tales from a happy house' blog have been showing there uplifting, winter making...
I have been pushing myself more and more to keep drawing...That is another positive in my day to keep creative. I have been busy with various pen and ink drawings. And also have had them printed and two framed for up and coming Spring fairs/artists market. 

The super ' blue ' moon looked amazing last night...sadly my better camera lense is playing most of my piccy's come from my phone these days...So I couldn't get a good shot of the moon.

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  1. Winter does have its beauty just like the other seasons, the dying of the leaves, and then the first buds tells us spring is on its way. The book looks wonderful, and I have always loved your drawings, I still have to ones you sent me

    Julie xxxxx

    1. awww!!!! thanks always for your lovely comments, i still have a book and a sweet embroidery picture you sent me ;)xxxx

  2. What a beautiful blog you have. You're very talented and I LOVE the fox drawings. I've heard a lot about the book you refer to and need to purchase one for a friend and I so that we can compare notes. Happy Monday :)

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