Friday 7 December 2018

The Meaning Of Christmas...

I just love everything about Christmas...
I am like a kid in a sweet shop with all the decors and twinkly lights. 
The joy and excitement of bringing the box's of Christmas decors out from the attic space, dusting them off and looking at them all again...testing the twinkly lights to see if they still work!. While decorating the tree in toasty foxy socks and eating a merry Home made mince pie...

We have a Christmas tree that is in a pot this year so it can be given back to local farms and be re-planted for next year. Its a smaller tree and was much easier to fit in the car. I've really thought hard this year to keep everything 'simple' and non expensive. All my decors are from previous years and I have plenty!.
My very clever 'costume designer' Twinny (who before having children worked for Channel 5's costume department and was a textile technician teacher at a 6th form college) made the wonderful elf doll's and Santa as Christmas presents a few years back. It means so much when things are handmade.  Some of the decorations in my box are from my Nanny and Gramps after they'd passed away. some things I really treasure from memories passed. This year our tree is much smaller so a lot of the decors Ive not even taken out the box. 

We as a whole family have decided its little gifts this year, hand made where possible and only spending money on the children. I find as I only have one child and I have a large family with 2 brothers and a twin sister who between them have 7 children!!~ it was getting expensive, so Ive really cut back. I actually find I am getting them more meaningful gifts and things they actually will use rather than just another throw away gift.
Food hampers I do for the parents. I find this really special and picking out things they actually love to eat and drink. I think like most parents they have what they need gift wise and another pair of socks for the men was getting a bit dull. Myself and my partner have birthdays in December, my Lovely Stevie's is next week!.

So we usually plan an outing and a nice meal rather than buying presents I love writing lovely, thoughtful words in a special card and we read them out to each other~ I cried last year when he wrote to me.
Its not gushy or overly romantic, just memories we've shared and a funny story. We end up with happy tears.
To be honest that is what the meaning of Christmas should be about in my 'traditions list'. Loved ones coming together remembering the year that has passed and thanking those who have been there.
  I'm not being a total Scrooge, I buy gifts too.

I have spent more money in charity shops and on the Market this year, doing my bit to help a charity and a local small local business.  And Ive been recycling where possible Ive even made some Christmas wrapping and gift tags from previous Christmas cards. And cleaned out old, pretty glass jars to put sweets in as tree gifts.
A lot of the Christmas cards on my shelves are ones I've had for years...'Ones Ive got myself.'..
Actually I haven't even started giving out cards yet, usually I do it around my birthday nearer to Christmas.

This time of year our cottage on the edge of Dartmoor is so cosy and snuggly and magical...
I love the early evenings turning the twinkly lights on. 
I love looking around our local little market town...The shop displays are so beautifully festive.

We have had some rare sunshine between the showers~ I keep saying 'please do not snow' until I'm back from my travels. Really looking forward to seeing my father this Christmas...

' Merry Christmas to you and yours'...

x ~ X ~ x ~ X ~ x

I doubt i'll have much more time left to write a blog posting until after Christmas, Its all a mad rush leading up to Christmas with work, School, family gatherings and general seasonal stuff.
My little Etsy shop (link in sidebar) will be open until 15th December xx

x      K a z z y     x

This is BBC Folk Christmas video...Me and my Mother watched it a few years ago...Its just so traditionally olde English songs...We loved it...I hope you do to.
Especially on a cosy evening with a Mulled wine...and a mince pie of course...Enjoy!!!!