Wednesday 20 January 2021

πŸ’šJournal, walks and lock down...


I've decided to journal again this year except try to keep it out daily... I was better at keeping a *things to be thankful for*  type journal last year as covid had really got me down at the first part of 2020 and needed to focus on the good bits, also I lost track of the months last year and didn't really keep to it...I think after watching some really inspiring journals and junk journals on YouTube and on social media its given me a new drive to do it and stick with it. I find journaling a good mental health healer... It helps me chanel anxiety, fears, worries onto paper, figuring out as I draw, write, paint how to deal with things on my mind at the time... Also its a mix of things my new journal... Inspiring images from magazines, old books and gathered papers, inspiration I've had a while. So more like a scrap book with daily snippets of thoughts & feelings, things I been up to, walks, art... Ect. 


Also as we're in another lock down it gives me something to focus on daily other than chores around the house and home schooling. Stevie still at work full time & classed as key worker status as before so our life hasn't altered very much on that score. But *life* day to day still feels strange to me... Waiting I guess for how this new vaccination will pan out and how will life be after that. Its living in the unknown and I have to not over think that too much otherwise it weighs heavily on my mind.


So, the new year so far, these past weeks has been rather challenging at times with home schooling and lock down. But as always I'm looking for the bright and cheery... 

I hope you're all coping well, 
Take care, 
  x         K a z z y         x

Monday 4 January 2021

🌿⭐🌿New year's, catch up🌿⭐🌿


All the *inbetweeny* days before the New year. 

We have all been totally lazy the Last week  of Christmas towards new years day other than local walks and picking up small foody bits we have mainly stayed snuggled up watching t.v or (me) radio 2... And I've been enjoying catching up on lovely cards and gifts...🌿⭐🌿 

Snuggled under woolly blankets with chocs... Reading new books and catch up TV... Escape to the Chateau Christmas special was lovely. I also enjoyed A Wartime Christmas on Christmas eve... 🌿⭐🌿✨⭐✨✨

I had a special video link on Christmas day with my dad on the east coast... (a few tears) 

Its just been lovely to be together and thankful for all that we have.... Its the simple, small things in life that mean the most. I am always so thankful to live in Devon and having so much natural beauty in my doorstep... 
My winter garden view.... And Frost on snow New years day... 🌿🌨️❄️🌿
Hightlights of December... Saying farewell to 2020...a surreal old year we won't forget in a hurry... But still, I find positive moments within my memories... 
A New year 2021...and a new vaccine which gives us all hope... There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. 
New beginning, new journal... Almanac 2021.
Cleared away the Christmas decors... 
Enjoyed our last cuppa before stevie starts back on his late shift... 
I don't think my daughter gets to start school until the 18th in her year group... But she will have online schooling... 

x       K  a  z  z  y       x