Tuesday 20 November 2018

Things made of Fairy tales and cats...

I seem to have been very busy lately, creativity flowing and Christmas around the corner...Its given a push in the right direction...Also I have decided to do a 'Solo' trip to London then on to the East Anglian Coastline to spend Christmas with my Father. I'm anxious about the journey alone. But its my free week over the Christmas period and I have a wonderful, Loving and truly 'fantastic' partner who's been happy to look after the family while I'm away. I feel bad for Sophia though, But she does understand how much Gramps needs me and my Mother, Stevies Mother and the rest of the family will spoil her while I'm away.
Its actually taken a huge weight off my shoulders knowing my father will not be on his own at Christmas. He cannot do the 6 hour journey to Devon, So I'm doing it instead. Saving up my pennies as we speak.
I can decorate his apartment, make a roast and play festive songs and hopefully jolly life up a bit for him after all his intense cancer treatments. But most of all I need a Daddy hug.  So that has been a huge positive in Life  lately...I'd been suffering badly with depression (I think its been all the worry).  I've also had some good sales in my Esty Shop, So all in the piggy bank for travel costs!... 
Fairies have landed in the cottage...I've been using Vintage post cards and images of butterflies and moth wings to decorate...I will be adding glitter after my next trip to HobbyCraft. Does anyone else have a Hobby craft near them? Its a fantastic Art and Craft supplies shop...I quite happily spend at least an hour looking around and gathering ideas in my head. Usually have to do the food shop first otherwise Id have nothing left for food after filling my trolley with art, craft supplies.  I think i'm turning into that Crazy Cat Lady...As All my inspirations to do with Illustration and craft have been to do with Cats...(Soon to be added to my Etsy Shop Link in side bar)...The adverts are filling up with Christmas advertisements already!!...and I noticed quite a few poeple on Instagram putting decorations and tree's up!??... eeeekkkk! Thats a bit too soon I think. 
Though, Christmas is in all my illustrations at the moment (well, need to get things printed up!).
The Photographs of the beautiful sky and countryside are around Dartmoor, Kingsbridge, Avon mill...We have had some lovely early evening walks over the weekends mainly...I love the sight of a Sun set on Dartmoor its breathtaking ~ Never could I ever get bored of this view.  The beautiful white Dartmoor ponies that roam freely over moors and woodlands are so friendly here too.  Avon Mill is a small garden centre with gallery of crafts shop, beautiful cafe/restaurant, clothing, gifts, home wares, florists and boutique shops...They had the biggest Pumpkin I have ever seen!.

Little Light shining.... I so Love Kate Bush...her music and voice speaks to my soul...Hope it does yours too.

x       K  a  z  z  y       x

Thursday 8 November 2018

Hello November....

The Days seem to be whizzing past my very eyes...Its November already!?
Its been a very wet and windy week. Sophia's come home from school with very soggy socks three days in a row. Have you noticed the 'New' header on my blog?...Its taking me a while to get used to it. I drew the little illustration and then added words via photo editor. I keep messing around with my blog...I am like that in my cottage...always moving furniture, pictures on the walls...ect. Anyway...On a more productive front I've been adding a few more illustrations to my Etsy shop  (I share my shop with my comic artist partner so do scroll down to see all my illustrations for sale).

Last Week end we went for a wonderful walk around Dartington Hall and also had lunch in Totnes, I love the market there and all the shops set on a Devon hill...Wonderful gift shops, vintage shops, art shops, haberdashery, butchers, groceries, florists, vintage and food market, lots of charity shops and book shops. 
A bit of everything really...It has a Camden Market (in London) vibe about the place, arty, creative and relaxed.  Sophia was with her father So it was just a weekend with my partner~ it feels like a 'date' when we go out alone. Just do as we please...mooch about the shops...take time in the gallery space, take in the atmosphere in the Market square...listen to the little band play. Have a bite to eat reading books and magazines. Stevie is a comic artist in his spare time from his engineer job~ So we always get some art supplies in the lovely art shop there...I actually didn't buy anything in the art shop that day which is rare for me and Stevie just got some card stock. On our way back up the hill I got a magazine and a candle (spiced apple). I got some lovely ideas for dolls after seeing some vintage ones...still a work in progress.

I hope you're enjoying the seasonal colours out there this November?...Its a beautiful time of year. All the beautiful spectrum of colours in the leaves and fields. 

x       K a z z y      x

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