Monday 24 June 2019

Simple pleasures, Summer Solstice...

The sky is heavenly on this Mid Summer Solstice...The bell's of the Market town church chime and its 9pm.
Sitting with a glass of bubbly and some Cotehele Rhubarb crumble with Devon cream just taking in all the peaceful sights around me...this Simple, quiet time...I love these warm-ish evenings just looking up at the sky.
Its quite something when you think to yourself half the year is already through, a little time to reflect...I almost feel I have been in waiting for Summer to actually arrive...Devon has had quite a fair share of rain...In between some days of pure blue skies, But I think the April showers came to us in June...
~♥ ~♥️ ~♥️ ~♥️~
~♥~ ♥~ ♥ ~♥~
The best thing about Summer to me is the early Morning walk around the garden while my partner and daughter start to wake. I love that peaceful, sparkly, dappled sunlight through the apple tree's, the morning birds song and enjoying any new buds appearing on the flower beds and pots while sipping on my first milky tea of the day before the hustle and bustle of busy routines...Just 'Me' and the garden. And then that late evening dusky light after a busy day just taking time to be peaceful and my quiet time before getting off to bed with a good book...
~♥ ~♥ ~♥ ~♥~

My partner had a weeks holiday from Work, mainly to sort the car insurance and a few other car issues.
But between garage visits and finances We headed off for some Me and him time...between school pick up time too. It was a bit wet! and one day misty and wet!!, but we braved the weather and had some good walks anyway...Good British style you could say.  One of my most favourite nurseries in Cornwall is The Duchy Nursery, Lostwithiel...Its really beautiful, lovely greenhouses full with plants and cactuses, lots of potted plants, rose bushes, fruit tree's outside...and lead you to a New Bumblebee Garden with shepherd huts and allotment style garden. Also the barn gift shop and restaurant are really stunning with the character of an old barn style...We had a beautiful day and the Sun came out!. After a lovely Cornish tea we headed to Lerryn right  by the river...quiet, peaceful place...We had some of steve's Mother's walnut cake on the river bank where the boats are moored up. The tide was out. The red campion and wild grasses decorating the muddy banks. We walked along the river towards the woodlands.

 We have lots of ideas and plans we have been discussing for the future...goals we set ourselves and things we'd like to achieve... its 'Our' time to think things through and I love our chats. We also get so much pleasure from walking and nature (I say this a lot on my blog!) ...Its so important to have that Loving Soul Mate. We have so many shared interests. He's been my rock!.

Calstock, Cotehele and Lerryn...Cornwall.

We've also had some lovely evening walks to Calstock, Cotehele (National Trust house, gardens, woodlands, river quay and boat museum) and Kit Hill (far reaching views of Devon and Cornwall~ Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor) in Cornwall and an evening for fathers day drinks in Torquay with Stevie's parents.
 My father also is doing much better after a very horrid tumour on his nose with means he will have to have plastic surgery. But he's good in himself considering the on going cancer treatments. I hope to see him in the next month.
I am still busy behind the scenes with illustrations and sending prints off from the printers in the city...

But Today I'm Home with my daughter as she's a little poorly...
(I started this posting on my blog a few days ago...just got round to actually posting it)

Wishing you Summer Solstice blessings...

x      K a z z y     x