Friday 4 June 2021

πŸŒΏπŸ’›πŸŒΏJune blooms πŸŒΏπŸ’›πŸŒΏ

As I type this blog post today all the windows in our cottage are wide open, it's quite hot and I've escaped to the coolness of the bedroom to blog


Its been a really jolly half term week with a couple of adventures... But also we've been busy at home in the garden... Planting up a lot of seedlings I've grown... My stevie was lucky to have this week off due to machinery maintenance where he works and new software systems being updated and fitted. So I've enjoyed having more time to spend with him.

This is my May round up that I add to Instagram too... It was quite a soggy month until the last week or so when the weather changed so suddenly and we had beautiful clear blue skies. 

Due to all the rains our Market town river was so high for weeks... Wonderful to walk the lanes and see them start to bloom with life and colour when the sun came... 
Church yard bluebells... So much beauty. 
We had a wonderful day up on Dartmoor & visiting the Princetown museum... Mainly to see the Moor otter... From the otter trail. 
And the beautiful nature gardens too... 
Lovely and cool up on the moorlands... 
Dupath medieval Well House, 1510 used for quiet prayer and baptism... Near Harrowbarrow, Cornwall. 
I do love Market days for fresh veg, bread and plants... But also for new-to-me books and vintage goods... 
Stevie took me for a wonderful magical mystery tour to a beautiful Devon village called Dittisham right by the River Dart estuary... I always like those kind of days not really planned just ended up there, but so glad we did. Beautiful lanes filled to the brim with lush greens of cow parsley, pink campion, bluebells and other wild flowers.... Thatched cottages greeted us and the sound of the village church bells. 

Rolling hills of Devon... πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸŒΏ

Just a beautiful blooming June! 
Stevie surprised me with two beautiful mugs one foxy and the other a rabbit... 🦊❤️
My perfect spot under the dappled light of the Apple trees reading favourite mags... 
I've been taking a little personal break from art these few weeks... Mainly because we've had quite a busy time of late... I do need a certain level of calm amongst the chaos to be arty and creative... I also think the heat doesn't help my creativity. Though, saying that I've started a textile piece but just at the tacking stitches stage of the design of not much really to show. But it's themed around a window looking towards a garden in Spring time. Lots of embroidery to add when I feel like doing it. 
Gifts from the garden... 
I will leave you with this bright and cheery smile of foxgloves from Cornwall.... 
x     K  a z z y    x

P. S Hello New followers & my lovely blog chums who have left such beautiful comments on my Teresa post... Thanks for finding me here... ❤️