Monday 31 December 2012

Seasonal round up 2012

A Seasonal round up of 2012

~  Spring in my step ~

I have been having a rather nostalgic look back through my archives of photographs.
A year of colour and beauty, Country side and coastlines, West to East, Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics...and the comforts of home with my little girl...Its not all been a whirl of wonderment and happiness~ Life's been a rough ride at times, but I dont document that so much on my blog as this is my happy escape and my place to document the happy, colourful parts. I have a lot to thank my daughter for and my lovely family ~ they keep me grounded and loved. And that's what always see's me through.  I find New Years quite daunting and a little anxious of what the new year may bring...but I find one step at a time...and focus on the simple things that give me joy.
Photography has opened up a really happy door in my life the last 5 years~ I love capturing a precious moment in time ~ And looking back through my photographs I can see how important it is to capture those really special bits.  I thought a seasonal round up of 2012 will be a good way of bringing the new year in.

~  Summer ~

A rather wet beginning to the Summer...

~ A holiday to remember for a life time ~

~ Autumnal days arrived ~

Bringing with it a late Summer of sun into September...

Sweet pea turned 6 years old...

Then it was my birthday and in a blink of an eye it was time to celebrate the festive season...

Its been good to look back and remember those wonderful highlights...

I wish you all a happy, healthy 2013!!!!

And I look forward to seeing your blog posts in the new year.
Thanks always for the lovely comments,

x Kazzy x