Saturday 17 October 2020


Along comes Autumn... 

Enjoying getting all snug like a little mouse in the cottage... Twinkly lights, cosy blankets and hot chocs... ✨🍁✨🍂✨

Made an autumnal fabric journal cover for my daily sketch book... ✨🍁✨

Love collecting little mossy branches fallen in the gusty winds, dried seed heads, pretty autumn leaves... 
Page from my journal and some  other Autumnal inspired illustrations 

On walks by the canal...

The misty Morn up on the hill top part of the garden✨🍁✨🍁✨

So much still in flower even my cosmos in the garden... I was gifted the wonderful cotton fabric mask coverings from a lovely lady on Instagram, they're beautifully hand made... 
I do enjoy walking around church yards... All the history, architecture and ornate gravestones... And not forgetting those amazing stain glass windows... I could stare for hours at the details and scenes depicted on them... The vibrancy too. 

Lovely walks along the estuary in the south hams, Devon 
I made a wreath with the mossy branches, seed heads I found carpeting the estuary woodland floor... 💚

My walk on Dartmoor... Mushrooms growing from an old farmers Post... My shadow over the moorland such beautiful sunlight and autumn colours... 🍁

A lot of cosy evenings spent with good books, creating and making... ❤️

This is the first time I've done a blog post through my phone as normally I'd use my faithful laptop, so the process seems a lot longer and slightly odd... And I'm not sure if the words and images are correct or the layout is o. K... It will take me a while to get used to a different process, So a bit of a test run eeekk. 
Hope you're enjoying the Autumnal changes during this season, 

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