Tuesday 21 July 2020

Summer Days...

Hello again, Has it really been a whole month since I last posted?...The days seem to zoom by don't they.
I have been helping my daughter with Home schooling work since the Lock down in March...But realised now its officially the Summer holidays!~ Yippee! No more dreaded Mathematics which was giving us both a headache. I think I've learnt quite a lot from my daughter these past months from helping her with home work.  But it is a huge relief that she will get a proper education come September again with the return of the School routine. My level of teaching is just not enough for her abilities. But I give myself a pat on the back for trying these past four months...She gets quite high levels of anxiety about falling behind. She's very clever and in top set but she has high expectations and she's a real hard worker.  But not so much when it comes to chores around the house!..."They're only young once",  my Mother always says...very true...
Strawberries and Proper Cornish and Devon  Farmers ones make my heart sing in the Summer time.
We've managed between work and home schooling to have a few more trips to Cornwall...
Beautiful River fowey walk and flags flying in Lostwithiel.  Sunflowers always cheer me...Their big beautiful heads looking towards the Summer Sun.
Rain drops on roses...Although the weather has been mainly good with blue skies and beautiful sun their has been the odd day her and there with rain clouds...good for the garden.
These beautiful Poppies were in the local Community Garden. So pretty!~ Pinky~ Purple tones.
Lovely to catch up with mum again and we gave each other a big hug...
I always love seeing my Mums garden through the seasons too...
Still been doing lots of making and creating...Actually I find I cannot just sit still and watch a film or t.v in the evenings or weekend ..I have to be actively creating something...So I paint a lot or draw, or craft when the rest of the family are sitting watching t.v.  Ive always been more of a radio person.
We had a trip to our local City of Plymouth a few weeks back. I so enjoyed looking at the book shops.
A treat to each other was a book each...Loved this 'The Forager's Calender' book.
And below Posy's from the Garden...Love having little posy's around the home...A little bloom of Summer in doors.
We also had a lovely trip to a Cornish city called Truro...Its a beautiful place and love the atmosphere and a wonder around the Art shop next to the Gallery/Museum...Also I needed a few new tops as during the lock down i'd really tried to 'make do and mend' most of my favourite tops I've had quite a few years.
 obviously, due to recent Covid-19 events its been a bit less touristy too so seems a lot more quiet for these Summer months...The Cathedral was almost completely empty...Cool inside too from the Summer heat.
Another little treat was these delightful Badger and Fox mugs from M&S...We've broken a lot of mugs lately. And why oh why is it always your most favourite ones!.
Is that an Elephant cloud ? hehe.
The skies have been heavenly and the views I could watch for hours from the hill top part of our cottage garden. We visited Wyevale garden centre too on our way back to Devon from Truro.
Lovely Farmer's market at Truro... And I got some beautiful Bee friendly varieties of lavender.
'A Summer Lane' watercolour ...By Miss Kazzy (Me!) Wreaths around the Sheepies necks...
I hope you're all having a Lovely Summer...
Thank you kindly for the sweet messages really much appreciate it.
x       k a z z y     x