Wednesday, 27 January 2016

j a n u a r y

~ J a n u a r y ~

Its been quite a wet, stormy month. We have had hale storms, big bolts of lightening, snow showers and lots of rain!!!! between such hair raising events we have also been busy with jobs around our new home. Lots of painting/decorating, buying lovely pieces of furniture and sorting through home and garden. Making a studio space for my partner (Mr B) and the long, lengthy process of waiting on a school placement in my new home town. Bus trips at 7am are taking all my energy out of my already very frazzled body~ luckily i still have a very happy traveler who despite having to get up an hour earlier than where we lived before does not mind the trips at all~ all very exciting in her little head.  At least the bus trips go across the moors and theres always so much beauty in the ever changing landscape. Seeeing the tors covered in snow a few weeks back was a real treat for the eyes. On a weekend when my daughter was with her father Myself and Mr B decided to leave the cottage and go and explore in the car and enjoy some well needed fresh air and a good hearty walk.  We ended up in Charlestown on the Cornish coast. Poldark is filmed there.
Ive been enjoying spending time in the garden in between showers. Getting to know the my little plot on the raised hill part of the garden where i will grow meadow flowers, vegetables and have an edible garden.
Ive put my old table and wooden chairs out there in the patio part of the garden as we have inherited some rather lovely ones from Mr B's parents for the cottage.  It really does feel like home now...I still pinch myself a few times a day to make sure im not dreaming.

x    K a z z y   x

Thursday, 7 January 2016

New year, new home

Happy New Year,
Oh' what a mad, exciting and truly tiring time it has been. We are all incredibly tired. Moving around Christmas is crazy!. But we survived!...and what a lovely feeling it is to be in the cottage all together.
Its still a work in progress as we still have things to be unpacked and and more junk  my things to be put up in the loft! Until the move day its self i had not quite realized the hoarder within me...slightly shocked really!. But despite my mammoth task of de-cluttering and donating items to charity shops and recycle shops i still have quite a few box's to go through.  I really fell in love with the white, open plan space of the cottage. That feeling of space was a joy. So, I really dont want to feel that my things are over taking the space like it had felt at my old home.  I do have a loft in my new home, but being a cottage the roof space is small. Its been a real joy choosing new interiors, furniture and making it a home with all our ideas and input.  I;m not really sure what my style is. I feel I'm just choosing things as i go and when i see something we all like we add it to the room. My partner and myself love printed illustrations drawings of hares, fox's ect. So we have been looking out for those types of cushions and interiors and a few illustrations to frame including a few of our own drawings.  The kitchen is much, much smaller than my old kitchen which was very large as it was part of an old Victorian house. So, Im getting used to more modern fixtures and fittings. But my dresser and cabinet fit in the kitchen and the lounge is large with room for a table. Lots of things we still need to do, but considering we only moved in a short time ago its starting to feel 'homely'.  My daughter's room has been made into a young lady's bedroom with butterfly themed bedding and other interiors.  I've hardly had a chance to look around my garden i have so many plans in my head for it...Its gated with a picket fence and an old garden wall one side. Leading up to the top part of the garden (as we are set on a small hill) we have an arch way...I love all the quirky bits that come with the cottage. Quite a lot of its been modernized over the years but they've kept all the original charms and painted white the beams to brighten and lighten the rooms.
I love the old windows with metal detailed handles, latches. I only have a few photos to show, as i said before its a work in progress and stacked box's are not very attractive!. 
Its been a busy start to the new year as i'm waiting on a placement at a local school, but until then we are getting a bus at 7am!!!! eeekkk! to get her to her old school. Although saying that my daughter finds it really exciting!...I'm not sure i share her enthusiasm. Hopefully, we wont have to wait too long for her to get into a local school. Life does still seem a bit all over the place. And working the mad Christmas period and the move on top of that has really taken the wind out of my sails, I could quite honestly sleep for a week!.
But, I still have that 'squeeeel!!!!' of excitement when i open the door to my new home, Its all been worth while. And myself and my love couldn't be happier.

Best wishes for the new year...

x     K a z z y     x

Friday, 4 December 2015

A new start, A country life

Firstly, I am sorry for my long neglected blog posts. Seems an age since I posted but my life is on a new path. I am moving in with my partner and we will get the keys to our new large cottage on the edge of Dartmoor around my birthday just days before the festivities of Christmas. With this of course comes excitement, but also a lot of packing, boxing-up, anxieties and stress which of course comes with such a big move.
Trying to fit in 7 years of stuff into one box has been a mammoth task! to say the least. But i've been very good to the local charity shops and donated a huge amount of toys, bedding, furniture, ornaments and general bric 'a' brac. Actually I walked past the window of one and nearly all the display was Kazzy's old junk~ which made me giggle!!. Saying good bye to the past and starting a new to me is a really hard transition and emotionally it is a hard ride...
But also comes pure happiness, joy and love that I will be moving in with my best friend as well as the love of my life. My daughter is excited about having a new life and a big garden to explore!. And I'm mega excited about my first bedroom in 9 years!!!!...I have happy memories of my current home~ Myself and daughter have had some really lovely times here. But also some real sad times as a single mother trying to to the best I could for my daughter.  Life has a real way of changing when you least expect it. I cannot wait to be a proper family unit and have the love of my best friend by my side...
Also, the joy of decorating, adding kazzy's bits and pieces to make it feel like home again. Every time I think about the cottage I just squeeeeeel inside with happiness of the thought that it will actually be mine and I have this whole new life to experience in a beautiful country setting close to an award winning little town which I have always dreamed of living within.  Being apart of a Country community and enjoying exploring the Country side around us. 
So, The next few weeks of work (in my manic Christmas retail position), boxing up the last of our home goods, setting up our new home before Christmas is going to be a whirl wind of happiness and stress all rolled into one.  I wouldn't have it any other way...

A little Kazzy drawing...Mr foxy.

x     K a z z y    x

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sea & feathers...

Always a joy to escape on a Sunday and take in some sea air and chase some waves...

x    K a z z y   x

Friday, 9 October 2015


(images are not my own, please look on my autumn pin board via pinterest to look up origins of images)

October::  A wonderful month for the beauty of Autumn...

When I have some time to myself  from a busy life at the moment I love to pin on Pinterest
Its a wonderful way of saving inspirational pictures to look back on and get ideas from.  I'm sure many of you already have your own pin boards on this site and I'm sure I enjoy your boards as much as my own.

Today I walked back from the School run through the park...I forgot my camera in the busy school morning rush and by a fallen tree (from the storms of two winters ago) was a wonderful variety of mushrooms. 
The leaves soggy and limp, golden and red tones and the morning sunlight sparkling across the droplets of water as they hang on the tree for their final hours. It was a simple, October day...but a beautiful sight in every kind of way. 

x    K a z z y   x

Friday, 2 October 2015

Momento's from September

September came and went in a blink of an eye, But it has been a lovely warm month.
Back into routines and busy lives, but managed a few early evening walks in the sun...
I have visited Dartmoor quite a lot lately...I find its a great place to unwind and escape its vast open, wild landscape and breath taking views leave me spell bound. Always somewhere new to explore.

....and a few trips to coast.

(My daughter turned 9 years old yesterday!~ she's growing too quickly!!!!)

x   k a z z y   x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer's end...September begins...

Welcoming September days...
Waving good bye to Summer days.

Hope your little ones enjoy the new School term...
My daughter starts back on Thursday... A short School week to ease her back in.

x    k a z z y  x