Sunday, 19 October 2014

By the sea

Lovely to be by the crashing waves and taking in the views...

Beautiful warm blue skies and sunshine...

ready for another busy week a head...feeling refreshed ;0)

x  K a z z y  x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Woodland & Reserve

A lovely Autumnal walk in the woodlands and down by the nature reserve...
It was lovely this weekend to get out and about somewhere a little further a field.
I just love Autumn, I have said that a lot over the years on my blog, but the beauty of the ever changing colours of the leaves and landscape are just breath taking, especially in Devon.
Lately, i've felt unbelievably tired, my sleeping pattern is just awful at night and i wake feeling i've not slept at all.  But i found after a really good walk my sleeping patterns improved. I always feel my body's best medicine is the country and coast.  ... it was lovely to be out in the country this weekend, exploring new places and being with family.

The reserve has a huge lake...and lots of bird huts, seating area's to enjoy the views.

A few friends we made...

x   K a z z y   x

Monday, 6 October 2014

8 t h

My sweetest girl had an 8th birthday last week...She had a girly 'Frozen' party at home and I paid a talented cake maker friend to create this masterpiece with all the wonderful detail.
She was one happy bunny on her birthday!!!!.

x Kazzy x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

t i m e

Pinterest is a wonderful escape full of beautiful photographs, craft ideas, inspiring homes and much more!
I think i spend way too many free hours looking, gazing, dreaming...Bliss!!!!.
My favourite pinning board is 'Autumn'  ~ click to link & find origins to source of photographs below.
There is something rather exciting about a new season in the year. I read on someones blog that they see Autumn as like a new year~ I thought that was rather a lovely way of explaining it.  It is a big contrast to Summer~ The colours, the mood and the feeling...The days draw in, the light turns golden.  The leaves change in a ray of auburn tones and you feel that desire for snuggly jumpers and cosy blankets...
I love layering clothes and walking in the woods where leaves fall like confetti...

( all images can be found in my Autumn pin board~ these images do not belong to me please look up original source for details)

There was a change in the air Autumn was arriving...

x   K a z z y   x

Friday, 12 September 2014

h o m e & r e a d i n g

A little Me time is always a joy these days...
I had a nosey at the magazines in the city and picked up 'Country Homes & Interiors'~ lovely, inspiring Autumnal edition.  Made myself Latte with extra creamy milk and enjoyed a little time to myself. 
My daughter's birthday is soon arriving so I went and had a look at some cards and pretty wrapping papers. 
I always buy several birthday cards~ I can never choose just one.  
My daughter's main present was a Russian Hampster which we named 'Cleo-patchra Nibbles' ~ she came to live with us in the Summer ~ She is my daughter's pet & actually she's been really good at looking after her. 

My daughter has started reading 'Tales from the end cottage' by Eileen Bell.
These books I enjoyed as a child too. Its lovely that she enjoys them as much as i still do.
We laugh together about Mrs Apple and her animals.

I especially LOVE the illustrations...

Happy Friday dearest blogger chums,

x   K a z z y  x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

S e p t e m b e r

A new School term begins & enjoying the September Sunshine...
For lunch i fancied something different...Focaccia bread with roasted red peppers rosemary and sea salt + wild rocket, juicy tomatoes sliced, feta, garlic and onion cheese with blackberries. Sprinkle of rosemary and olive oil.... It tastes yummy!!~ On a very warm September day, it tastes delicious with fresh apple juice too.
On a thrifty note i brought the most beautiful light weight coat by Noa Noa in the Charity shop and it was only £10.  I love getting some time alone to shop or just have a coffee now my daughter is back at School~ She couldn't wait to see all her friends. She is now in the juniors where has the time gone??.

~~~~~~ ** x ** ~~~~~~

* blackberries~ sooo juicy.

A lovely postcard from my dear friend... A tear is always shed because I just miss close friends.

September sun light in the early morning walk to School...

Signs of Autumn...

Heavenly sunlight filling the kitchen, windows open... The radio for company...peaceful.

x   K a z z y  x

Friday, 29 August 2014

R o c k y

Exploring new rock pools and new hidden beaches...

Come rain or shine...

Rock pools filled with shrimps, crabs and small fish...

A bit of beach combing and wild flower finds...

A display on the Rocky cliff...

Deep depths of the rocky cliffs meeting the choppy seas...

x   K a z z y  x