Monday 1 April 2024

🌱🐣🌱Easter, 🐰


Happy Easter,

After what seemed relentless rain showers & even snow showers here in a Devon it's been lovely to see the sun beams again!

And now it's the 1st April... 🌱🌞🌱

Welcoming a new Month... I'm feeling a lot more like my old self again, I feel a new month wipes the old slate clean to start refreshed and new ideas, inspirations and the start of new buds and new life in the landscape and towards warmer days.

 Easter has been lovely, fairly relaxed as a family , we've had two outings. One a trip to Totnes for a few hours and then Saltram NT, picnic by the woodland... A few little jobs a round the home, sorting my little studio space and a bit of a Spring clean. It's been good to see my daughter & partner relaxing after their busy working weeks, both worn out and needing a lay in today.  I like those quiet moments walking around the garden in my dressing gown and warm tea in hand. Still a little nippy out there but the bird song is beautiful. My garden looks quite neglected. I must spend more time in it these next weeks sorting and clearing.  I enjoyed decorating my Easter Spring blossom branches for Easter, my daughter still enjoys it too. 

🌱🌞🌱I hope the sun beams have been shining for you 🌿☀️πŸŒΏπŸ£πŸ’(the Easter chocolate rabbit i drew during lock down) 
                       x    K a z z y   x


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