Friday, 31 May 2019

End of May... Catch up!

Hello dear bloggy friends, Hope the weather this half term has been beautiful for you...
I cannot believe its been a whole month since I last blogged. I seem to be contradicting myself an using Instagram more often when I blogged about wanting to spend more time on meaningful posts on blogger.
Oh' well here I am at the end of May with lots to share (photo wise).
~ ~  * ~ * ~ *X * ~ * ~ * ~ ~
The Swifts and swallows have arrived whistling as they swoop across the rooftops of my hill top cottage.
The blackbirds are nesting in our holly bush...The Sweet pea shoots have doubled in size...and the apple tree's have tiny, teeny weeny growing apples ~'Squeeeeeels' with excitement.
My cosmos is in full bloom and still awaiting the foxgloves...
And the Cow parsley and Campion are now covering the Devonshire and Cornish lanes.
I've been enjoying home grown mixed salad leaves from the veg patch part of the garden...
Tomato plants are outside (i've put them in grow bags)...doubled in size...and still looking healthy!.

Lots to Love about May...

a few more weeks of May...
Its become one of my favourite months...
But June is just around the corner.

A little posy at the beginning of May...

Woodlands always frill me in May...So many wild garlic flowers and the end of the Bluebells...
The buttercups seem to cover the meadows all around our little Market town.

Wild flowers on my shelf.

So much beauty in the farmers field...

The wild daisies, Cow parsley, Campion and Buttercups really cheer my days this Month of May.

Lovely day in Kingsbridge by the south hams coastline, Devon...and the posy of Church flowers.

Meadow fields...

'I'm in the garden'...Garden girl illustration using watercolours, Acrylic white, pen & ink...

Lots of inspiration for New art work in my Etsy shop (Link in sidebar)

I kept to pastel watercolours and Acrylic white to paint the Cottage garden scene with Moth and Owl.
Reminds me of the blossom tree's... Now available in my Etsy shop (Link in sidebar),
Free Shipping in U.k

During May we had some lovely trips to Truro in Cornwall and Fowey in Cornwall...

Good bye Beautiful May days I've enjoyed your company...

x    K a z z y   x


  1. May is a beautiful month and you capture it perfectly with your photographs and illustrations. X

    1. Thank you kindly for your lovely comment, hope you enjoy June just as much this month ;)x

  2. I think this has been one of the prettiest ever posts from you and there have been very many. You are lucky that you see and feel such beauty (I mean that you 'see' it, not that you are in such a nice place to live, although that too of course.) You have amazing 'seeing' eyes and take pictures of the loveliest things and capture their essence so well.

    Your art work is exquisite. I love it so much, your new work is gorgeous. I have just looked in your shop and seen the little hare illustrations. Oh my goodness they are so lovely! What lovely little animal characters you draw, and such wonderful little cottages and landscapes with all the details around them. Please keep making your art, and keep finding ways to promote it - if such beautiful things don't sell it is only because they are not being seen enough and not because people don't want it - etsy has millions of sellers so it is so very hard to be found. I would so buy all the things; but am not at all in funds right now, but if I am I will be buying everything for absolute sure. The perfect birthday gift though...

    I hope everything is well for you right now, and that your art (your photos and art work) bring you as much joy as they have to me today. I hope you have a fruitful June. Thank you x

    1. thats really made me smile...Thank you for your heart felt feelings on my post and art work, really appreciate it, I so understand what you mean about etsy with lots of sellers and getting work out there. Thank you for taking the time to type such a meaningful message really means alot, enjoy the joys that june bring you, ;)x

  3. A very beautiful post, Kazzy. I love your watercolor painting. So fanciful. I'm so in love with your coastal area, I would so love to visit there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. thank you Teresa, I lived on the east coast of england growing up...its a complete contrast to the west country of Devon and Cornwall so much beauty in the coastline and much more greener landscapes and the turquoise sea always leave me spell bound. Its also very hilly and rocky here to the east coast thats very flat landscape wise. Its lovely to get back into watercolours... happy june days to you, ;)x

  4. Beautiful photos as usual and I love the small bay and beach, what a perfect spot for a dip on a warm day. Your artwork is gorgeous too. Gardens, tea and cake, it all sounds quite lovely. xx Susan

    1. Thank you Susan, yes that part of Cornwall is absolutely idyllic area with the little rocky coves...especially in the heat of summer. Always time for tea and cake hehe...I think im a modern day Beatrix Potter.
      enjoy your beautiful landscape where you have been visiting on your blog ;)x

  5. Such a lovely collection of photos, and your new art work is very pretty. Would make a delightful calendar?

    1. Thank you betty ;)...Ive never thought about a calender but yes I would love to do something along those lines...its all about costings mainly, so many things i'd love to do with the right backing and money. have a lovely June ;)x

  6. Such gorgeous and inspiring photos! May has been such a beautiful month, I'm enjoying how colourful the hedgerows are this time of year. Have a wonderful June! xx

  7. thank you lovely jess, i so loe the Devon and Cornish hedgerows and cowparsley lanes in May and now June, enjoy too! we're lucky to live in this neck of the woods ;)x

  8. Hello. I've just found your blog and added myself as a follower. I've been looking through your past posts and I love your artwork! Your flower bouquets are delightful. Best, Jane :)

    1. thank you so much ;) lovely to find a new follower...;)x

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