Friday, 30 April 2021

🌱April days🌱

Such a wonderfully sunny month, a few nippy in the air days here & there but hardly any showers... Well, until yesterday and this afternoon the April showers came...I love the smell of rain. 

🌱     💚      🌱

My monthly round up for April... 
Wonderful to see the Apple Blossom in my hill top part of the garden... 
My twinny gave me some beautiful tulips. 
New shoots, all my seedlings have grown so tall... Need to desperately pot on and get them outside... Waiting for a warm May day to do it. 
We had a lovely day by the sea a few weekends ago, Fowey in Cornwall. Beautiful blue sky but nippy... The sea was a beautiful turquoise. We looked around the harbour church and had a picnic of pasties and a cream cake. 
Re-emerge from lock down Oxfam charity book shop window display... 
I had a day trip catch up/shopping trip with my twinny in Truro... We had such a giggle, I'd missed her so much during lock down. 
Its been so lovely to get and about a lot more. My partner stevie had his first covid jab but had a nasty shivering cold feeling the day after and ache in arm, but that is part of side effects. 
All my fairies have been coming out to play... 
I'm still waiting on my batch of prints. 
Looking forward to warmer May days... 

x     K  a  z  z  y   x


  1. Beautiful Cornwall!
    I love the cream cakes!

  2. Your fairies are delightful and Fowey looks like a place I should visit what a beautiful pic of the beach :)

  3. Your artwork and your home just transport me to a place of magic and beauty. Your area is beautiful, but you have created even more beauty in it!

  4. It is like opening a surprise parcel when I see your new posts There are so many lovely things to drool over including the Fresh Cream cakes...groan...yummy! Fairies galore what could be better than that! :-) Keep well Amanda x

  5. Love the "Re-emerge from Lockdown" window...

    Happy May!

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