Tuesday 10 January 2023

Here we go a wassailing ✨⭐


(New year's eve, Wassailing in the New year at Cotehele Orchard, National trust) 


A New year's blessing of good health and well being...

I definitely do not believe in new year's resolutions, 

I think it's far better on yourself to just take each day with an open heart and a open mind and enjoy the simple pleasures that come our way... Life has taught me through some quite frankly difficult times in my past that looking at the good things within our daily life however big or small can make even the bleakness of days so much bearable. I've always kept a journal for positive thoughts... I like to look back through the pages, remembering the good bits of year that's passed.  Life can be a roller-coaster of ups and downs...but here, on my blog I prefer to share my happy little snapshots of life. 

Enjoying the festive garland at the Medieval Hall at Cotehele... ✨✨⭐✨ It's absolutely magical and beautiful and made from all the dried flowers grown in the gardens at Cotehele, each year its more and more beautiful... It definitely cheers my soul. 
Lots of turquoise jars showcasing the dried flowers used in the garland... ✨✨✨⭐

Also, a few days before we spent a Magical day at Buckland Abbey, national trust. So many handmade textile decorations to feast your eyes on and the old Monks barn was made into a magical lit up forest of Christmas trees with sounds of nature around in hidden speakers and wildlife decorations hidden within the branches. A huge textile white Swan on a dish in the huge kitchen. 


New year's New journal... Junk journals, I'm still working in my pin dolly junk journal from last year... Dipping in and out when I feel inspired to... No rush, no deadline. But I've started a New creative junk journal too, filled with ideas and inspirations... Also a sketchbook journal for drawings and scribblings and doodles... 

A New year always seems to bring me lots of new ideas... The excitement of new paintings and crafty creations... I'd especially like to do some more slow stitch style drawings too, brooches and little wall hangings... Even weaving... The winter months do inspire me most... But finding time is my biggest problem... Such a big year this year with my daughter revising for her g. c. s. e's, so I'm putting her needs first this year. We've been to college open evenings and another this week... I still almost pinch myself that I have a sixteen year old. I'm so proud of her and everything she's achieved in her life so far. So it's going to be very busy months a head! But I'll try get some art in too here and there. ✨✨⭐✨✨
... My imagination put down on paper✨✨🌟Also Misty early morning skies over our Market town And a friendly Robin... ⭐
Today its been so dark and mizzly here in Devon... ✨🌟✨🌧️🌦️🌧️

Hyacinths and snowdrops on the window... 
Cheering up a bleak, wet January afternoon. 
Finding joy in simple pleasures. My foxy mask hangs up reminding me of a joyful wassail... I hope your year is filled with wonderful small pleasures that bring you joy✨✨🌟✨
    x      K  a  z  z  y      x


  1. I just loved reading your post Kazzy. Your journals are delightful and your photos are so evocative of winter. I couldn't agree more about taking each day as a blessing and focusing on small joys.
    Jacquie x

  2. What lovely pictures, Wassailing is such a special event I would love to have been there. Your art journals are full of ideas and inspiration, even if you don't have time in the coming months for much art, they will be there to refer to when you do - it's a great idea, I am going to do one this year. Good luck to Sophia with her prep for GCSE's she's going to be in a lovely calm, creative environment at your house for her studying so you are giving her the very best start to her studies.