Monday, 22 January 2018

Cosy, colourful days of January...

Oh' these days of January can seem long and bleak...
Finding the colour in the simple, little, daily pleasures cheers my soul...
Myself and My love went for a wonderful walk (almost 8 miles)...The rain came down in a light mist most of the way and it was quite muddy down by the river bank and through the woodlands...Snowdrops, new green shoots of daffodils, primroses and camellias covered the grassy bank and amongst the hedgerow and that gave me great comfort of new life and that Spring is just around the corner.

When we climbed the woody, muddy path towards the national trust property called Cotehele house we sat near the river Tamar just below the property. We were good we didnt give into the sight of other's enjoying cream teas...We carried on walking past the Autumn coloured reed beds and an old bridge crossed the road and back towards the woods from the opposite direction...slow up hill climb...I sat by a trickling stream when we reached near half way point to catch my breath and take in the smell of the woodlands and the sweet song of the birds.

By the time we walked back down the path ways and towards the river the light was beginning to fade...
Quite a magical, calm and spiritual feel on the quiet walk back to the car...The smell of wood smoke from the river cottage...a distant sound of a dog barking in th woods.
I love breathing in the atmosphere and having a glimpse into cosy cottage windows as we pass by...On the side of the path is Potter's home and its lovely to see what they have created each time we visit.
Back towards the village where we park is a lovely gallery (not open again until march) we peer through the gallery window and admire wonderful lino print landscapes and clay bears with jumpers...

Keep cosy,

x  x  K a z z y   x x


  1. What a wonderful day Kazzy! X

  2. I have been reading your blog for a long time Kazzy never left a comment before, this post tugged my heart you write very beautifully !!

  3. I love Cotehele! Lovely post.