Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Beasty from the Easty...

It is quite amazing what the weather had brought us in such a short space of time...The school's were closed because of it and getting food and supplies seemed like a huge task!...It all started with quite a funny weather report about 'The beast from the east'~ We laughed at the time...We were not quite prepared for what lay a head...I walked Sophia to school on the Thursday morning in a hale/rain/sleet blizzard!~ we couldnt keep our eye's open...Then at 2pm I had a text from the school to pick the kids up before the snow storm arrived around 3pm...well, It was all quite calm at 2pm...But after half an hour of a walk it all dramatically changed.
A huge black cloud fell over our small Dartmoor town and the snow came in buckets!...The ice on the paths was dangerous and we walked like penguins to not slip over...We couldn't see out of our eye's again and I do not know how we made the walk up the slippery ice hill home. My partner was trying to get home from his work early as they'd all been sent home to. The snow and ice was a lot worse across the moor roads~ I was worried for his life~ That does sound dramatic but it really was that 'hellish'...He had cars swerving across the roads in the ice!...sooo dangerous. We were lucky to just need to make it home by walking i would of cried if i was in the car!. My partner said the snow fell so quickly across his windscreen he could hardly see in front of him and at one point he pulled over and almost left his car at the side of the road to walk home. We hardly ever get snow in the west country...Quite rare indeedy. I don't think i will ever wish for it again like I did just after Christmas. I always think how beautiful the landscape is with snow. But if you have to drive to work in it its not a good thing at all.  So my rosey tinted spec's came off. I was so happy to give my partner a hug and know he was safe despite him looking quite shaken after an hour drive! He left his car safely on the main road and walked our hill home. We sat and watched the snow fall from our cottage~ safe and snug inside.  Sophia hadn't seen snow like it before~ she was about 2 years when we last had quite a few feet. The next day she quickly put her wellies on and rushed me outside to build a snow man...Our little Dartmoor town looked so beautiful in white!...My partner had to take the next day off work due to the roads. So it was a wonderful extra few days together. It was wonderful to look at it from the window and be all snug by the fire...It really was 'The beasty from the Easty'...Sophia said it sounds like a childs fairytale. 
I have been enjoying floral blooms to cheer my home...My bright bit of sunshine on the stormy views outside.
I hope you all made it safely home in the Winter skies?...I think most people are starting to get back to normal routines? . Sophia is celebrating World Book Day today (as they missed out on it due to the school being closed last week) ~ She is Sophie from the BFG.

x   K a z z y   x


  1. So very glad you made it home safely from school pickup and work. xx

  2. Hi Kazzy this is my first visit with you today. The Beasty from the Easty certainly lived up to its reputation here in the East Midlands. Two days off work and the weekend off just about sorted things enough to get back to work the following week but it was quite harrowing. Fortunately D does the grocery shop and always stocks the pantry full just in case we have adverse weather as we live in an old farm house at the end of a dirt track so when it snows we are penned in until it starts to thaw although farmer does very kindly come a long a clear the track with his tractor.
    Will be back to visit again now I have found you.


  3. Winter has also been crazy in our neck of the woods which is PA USA and has been cold right up until this week. In fact a few days back in February were warmer than it has been recently. Glad you made it back through all the Beasty from the Easty.