Tuesday 5 February 2019

Making creative time in February...

Snow, sleet, rain, wind...hale storms and Sunshine!...What lovely weather we've been having here in Devon.
Now the new routines of work and school life have got into a steady pattern and February is finally here I feel I have a few more spare hours here and there (mainly evenings) to create...
I have enjoyed learning my new craft of embroidery/stitching. I looked on Pinterest at some of my boards of 'Handmade' for inspiration. I follow some amazing embroiders on instagram as well that really have made me want to try something completely new.  I had a lovely trip to our big store of Hobbycraft in the city and decided to buy some threads and embroiders hoops...I do find myself in a bit of a daze walking around in the crafter's paradise. So many new exciting crafts, art supplies and making bits and pieces. So many threads to choose from. But I went with a plan in my head of mainly foliage green colours to embroider a wreath type design. And red threads for berries.

 While the sleet and wind blew around the cottage I was snug with my hoop and threads. I mainly made it up as I went along...I drew shapes of fern and berries as a bit of a guideline but mainly free flowing. Obviously it was a bit of a test run and as I learn new techniques I will be able to perfect it a bit better. I've also had a commission for cake toppers for a little girls birthday...So I've been using my water colours and inky pens to create some design ideas of little girls in party dresses with bunting and flowers.
(Plymouth herald,, bbc news online images via google of Dartmoor) Above.
Those last weeks of January we saw snow in Devon. Our little town sparkled with snow flakes. And up high on Dartmoor it snowed quite heavy...From our bedroom window it looks towards the moor land and it was beautiful to see the snow on the hill tops. Quite magical really!. But boy' does the snow cause wide spread disruption when it falls...We never seem to learn or be prepared!. On Bodmin Moor Cornwall, not far from us the snow came quick and heavy and it made the main news feeds...Cars abandoned on the sides of roads and people seeking over night shelter in local pubs and Schools.
Quite a contrast to the previous Weekend where we were in blazing sunshine on the Beach at Salcombe.
Watching the waves roll in....

We had a few trips to the coast during January. Salcombe in the South Hams which is lovely out of season and to have the beach almost to ourselves was bliss!. I love watching the waves and breathing in that fresh sea air!. Always does me the world of good. If I am ever feeling blue or anxious we drive to the coast. Its my 'get well sea tonic'. We have been to Slapton sands, Torquay and on the Dartmoor National Park for beautiful frosty, Country walks...  I know a lot of people find January a long, bleak month. But actually I find it my wined down time...The hustle and bustle of Christmas and New year is put to bed and things return to a more steady pace. As you know from previous posts the on going cancer treatments with my dad have had a knock on affect for all the family. His treatments, the worry every time I hear my phone ring out.  On  a more positive note He has been feeling more energetic and walking around (even to the shops and cafes). The scans last week revealed some worrying signs of re-growths of tumours. I know dads worried about it. We all are, But he's coping so amazingly well.  Steve's mother has had some serious falls lately and now we are concerned about her health too. So its been a bit of a 'pickle' for health issues... My garden looks so worse for wear~ everything needs a good sort out. Its these next few months i enjoy most about the garden though. The seed planning. The new shoots. The garden coming back to life after a Winter's sleep...

I have already seen the snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and blossom start to bloom....

'Flowers, flowers in the home...
bring me joy and company when I am alone.
Pretty heads and blooming faces...
Give me light and keep me bright.
Keep shining on me...keep lifting me up!
While I sit here drinking from my pretty cup'...

By Kazzy...I often write little bits of poetry ~ nothing serious or worthy of credit, but little thoughts and feelings that inspire me...I thought i'd share this one.

(Dartmoor and the Dartmoor ponies before the snow)

Stay warm dear blogging friends...I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs now.

x   K a z z y   x


  1. Such a beautiful post - so full of gorgeousness! Love your cake toppers, they are so sweet and pretty.

  2. I can't believe it's February already. I've only just got into my stride and school finishes next week.
    As always, your photographs are gorgeous and it's lovely to see so much colour during these bland winter months. X

    1. yes! doesnt it just come round so quickly get used to routines then its holidays~ but i bet your looking forward to special little days with your daughter ;) xx

  3. I love your embroidery, Kazzie, it's such a gentle and creative hobby. I am blown away by your cake toppers, clever girl! A really great way to use your very unique style; this is a really good business idea - I hope you will approach some shops (chocky wocky doo da springs to mind) who might order from you in batches so you can work on them at home and post.

    1. p.s. I used to know someone (school gate) who made hand painted paper cases for Choccy Wokky Doo Da (at home) I think they would be worth approaching.

    2. Thank you so much for your lovely supportive and kind words ;)...I looked up chockywockydooda oh my absolutely amaaazzzzing cakes!!!!. I wish I had something like that locally...I am going to try get more printing in progress its been a busy few months~ but yes i am going to get something in a party pack form/type thing for my Etsy shop. in my years since uni i have emailed quite a few places but i never seem to get very far, especially card publishing outlets and childrens authors. But my craft shows and fairs seem to work better. I have decided to re-use the cake toppers of girls as prints as well for childrens bedrooms and hopefully get them printed up with pretty floral backgrounds in the next month. Thanks so much for the link! xx

  4. I very much enjoyed this post.. you are very talented and I loved seeing your work. Quite inspirational. Your home and hearth are so cozy and sweet. I do send healing thoughts to your father. It's nice how you find January a positive month.. winter is challenging for me but I still enjoy it too.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks so much teresa, January can seem a long drawn out month...thats why i find flowers in the home like daffodils is very much needed to brighten your days!~ lovely snow your having! wow such wonderful pics xx

  5. OH MY WORD.......your cake toppers are AMAZING!!!!!! This is such a fantastic business idea Kazzy. I'm with Wood Fairy, make batches and approach shops as well as using your Etsy shop.I'm so sure you'd do so well selling them.

    I cannot believe we are in February already. To tell you the truth, January has been a stressful one so I am glad it is out of the way. Too many grey days also. I find them really quite depressing and struggle to find the pretty in any day! I'm longing for the day when I get to have the back door open and the first washing on the line. Then i'll be quite happy!

    I love embroidery. I find it very therapeutic. I'm rubbish at it, but I like it! I bought a pretty linen cross back apron last week fairly cheaply and i wanted to do some embroidery on it. Whether i'll get round to it is another matter. I wanted this year to be the year of the crochet garment, but as of yet, I've achieved nothing! I feel like i'm a month in and it's been a wasted creative month. I need to make up for it!

    I'll keep your dad in my prayers Kazzy. It must be such a worrying time for you. Your posts are always so warm and cosy, I always want to dive into the page!!!!!

    Take care my friend and happy stitching!!!!

    Love and hugs xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely v xx always enjoy your messages...very kind of you to have my dad in your thoughts much appreciate it, bit of a waiting game at the moment and more scans next week and two days of treatments. he's rather fed up today and its hard to be up beat all the time...but i keep telling him keep positive and think of happier times.
      I am not very good with embroidery really, very basic and very new to me. but ive seen yours lovely V theyre amazing the sampler type embroidery you had done in the past! so much beauty!!!!.
      Yes! lovely to see january past and now the new blooms start to blossom over the next few months...and to put the washing on the line and sit up in the garden ~heavenly!!! cannot wait!!!!.

      take care beautiful friend xxxx

  6. Hello, beautiful embroidery,
    It looks so cozy in your cottage,
    Wishing you lovely days,


    1. thankyou ida, thanks for finding my blog ;)
      yes can be cosy but a little chilly here today to many old windows and a drafty door so more scarves and woolly socks on! ;)

      happy weekend for you too ;)x

  7. Hello, I love to folllow your blog, but don't often comment because I dont want to oblige you to reply, but I want to make two suggestions. Your illustrations of the girls /dolls are excellent. Have you considered becoming a professional illustrator for a publisher? There may be hoops to jump through, maybe that would not suit you. Another avenue is to reproduce your work yourself, for cards, bunting etc. You could investigate sublimation printing whihc basically allows artists to make small print runs. Good luck! My second impulse is to suggest that 'chain stitch' will appeal to you, because it is great for freehand 'drawing'. It is an easy stitch to master, quite like running stitch, but by looping the thread round the neeedle, the stitch is bulkier and looks more ornate, than simple running stitch. Thank you for your pictures and stories. Sine Robertson

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely message...Since uni i have been doing a lot of my own cards, prints and originals (I have a link in the sidebar to my etsy shop)...I have many times tried publishing outlets and independent shops. I have done cards for shops but in small numbers and found i wasnt really making the money back. I do quite a few craft fairs and christmas markets through the year though, which does keep me quite busy preparing for. My facebook selling page usually brings me some private commissions through the year though and thats what the Girl cake toppers are for. I'm in the early stages of embroidery just slowly learning really...but enjoying it ;)x