Monday 18 February 2019

Out of routine...

The weather has really warmed up here in Devon these last few days...Glorious Sunshine!.
We have had the odd grey cloud and little bit of Rain~ But we wont dwell on that.
Up high on the hill in my steep part of the cottage garden the views have been wonderful...Hazy Sunshine skies...There was enough sun to dry the washing in a gentle breeze.
My daughter started her Half term week. I always love that feeling of not needing to go by a routine on precious time off...School, work and general busy days take their toll after a while. Its nice, so Nice to just take time off the tread wheel. My partner though still at work so not so great for him...But we did have a lovely family Weekend by the sea in the Cornish village of Cawsands/ Kingsands. Its one of those less busy spots. Well, less touristy. Summer months can be at times with the ferry running. Its my little hidden gem. We arrived late afternoon and it was quiet and peaceful. Just the sound of laughter and singing from local pubs and a few dog walkers.  A lot of the pretty cottages are holiday lets these days. The narrow streets are so sweet and charming and they lead you down to the seascape...Myself and my daughter love beach combing...looking for sea glass and pretty shells...I also love to find stones with washed out holes in them with the Cornish black and white lines running through them. Stevie spotted a Falmouth buoy bobbing around in the sea obviously had come loose from the boats...The rock pools always fascinate me as well, So much life when you look so close. The fresh Sea air...Just makes your body feel at ease, free of any worries.

(My washing blowing happily on the line)

My lovely new book 'Down to the river up to the tree's' ....
We had a few trips the weekend before to Buckfast Abbey Gardens and to Trago Garden centre for a few things for the garden...

In my spare time (usually evenings) I've been making and creating...
LOTs of new illustrations 'to be' printed up for my Etsy shop (link in profile)...My last cake topper commission really inspired me. She has asked me to do more for another party so its a busy creative time at the moment...

I've had some lovely emails and messages via here and instagram about my father...
Thank you for thinking of him~ He has an operation Weds...then more treatments. He's feeling like a yo-yo all the 'backwards and forwards motion' of hospital treatments. So he's quite fed up and run down. Trying to keep the positivity going and telling him he's doing so well...but he's finding it all so much. Its hard for me being so far away...My twin sister hopes to get up there these next few weeks. I hope to do a Spring- Summer trip. 

Its getting late and I better look through the cupboards to find some food for tea.

x       K a z z y       x


  1. What lovely photos you take, especially your washing on the line :) I need to get that book for myself, the Down to the River and Up to the Trees, that sounds like one I would very much enjoy.

    Hope you're having a good day :)

  2. Hope your dad's operation goes well. Cawsands looks very,pretty. I see you have the same book as me at the moment! Another one you might like is Meadowlands.

  3. Nice to hear you had a lovely weekend away. I do love pictures of seaside English towns with their narrow, steep streets. xx Susan

  4. Your little village looks like a dream to me.. kind of like Doc Martin cute. I enjoyed each and every image you shared. I am sending healing thoughts to your father all the way from Oregon, USA. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your lovely pictures of the sea have me dreaming of forthcoming holidays! We are heading to Dirset in May so hope the weather will be kind though I know we'll love it even if it's not. Hope your fathers op goes okay, my brother is going through pretty much the same. A worrying time but as you say we have to keep positive. X

  6. I hope all goes well for your father and it must be reassuring to know your sister will be visiting soon.
    Your photographs are beautiful and Cawsands looks lovely. X

  7. That sounds like a couple of wonderful weekends:) I have that book on my wish list to read at some point. I hope the operation went well today.

  8. I hope your dad's ok.♥
    You've inspired me to visit Cawsands, I don't think I've been there, it looks very pretty. I didn't know you made cake toppers, are they made out of icing? Your illustrations are gorgeous.xx

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