Friday, 19 July 2019

The Holidays are here....and A Prince!

Do I start with Royalty?...

O.k I will...It started off really quite an ordinary day last Tuesday. My daughter getting ready for her performance in the Roald Dahl story of Matilda performed with the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). Our little Market town had got all the bunting and flags out and were making it look rather special indeed because a Prince was coming to visit, Prince Charles in fact. With the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. There was also a food and drink festival and Arts in the Butcher's hall which the Prince was coming to make a special visit for.

I came down to hopefully, well maybe just see a 'glimpse of the Prince'...I walked through the outdoor Market as the brass band had started to play...Lots of police, body guards and a hive of activity as you can imagine, Local school children waving little flags and cheering with excitement...Crowds of people gathering.
I was standing by a Cider producer as they closed the outdoor market off with the arrival of Prince Charles.
So I waited patiently at the side of the Market stand...To my surprise I got to shake the hands of Prince Charles and Camilla...They had turned to walk right passed the Cider stand where I was standing. They stopped to talk to quite a lot of people. Prince Charles was very friendly and Camilla also. I said "Its a real Pleasure to meet you". It all seemed so surreal as I wasn't expecting to be that close or to shake their hands.
It was literally 10 seconds or less!...Sophia got to perform as well for a special performance with them and the RSC.  So there you are!...totally amazing week for Myself and Sophia. I phoned my partner and was like "...I just got to shake Prince Charles hand", "How completely mad is that!?". My partner Stevie said you better not wash that hand for at least a week. Hehe!!.
♥ I've very much been enjoying the British Strawberries...and Strawberry Pastries!
♥ Home sweet home...The one good thing about our old stone cottage it stays lovely and cool during the Summer months...
♥ Enjoying lovely Evening walks... (from last weekend)
Calstock, Cornwall...A beautiful woodland walk and then down by the river...
(The River Tamar towards Calstock, Cornwall...Up in the woodland looking down)
(Beautiful Sky over Dartington estate)
Wild Meadows...
Cornish Strawberries...
Totnes, Devon, Plymouth, Devon...
Elmer the Elephant trail in Plymouth...The artwork on them is so impressive!
♥ Loving Pottering around in the Garden... and a Posy from the garden.
♥The sun has been shining for almost a whole month!. Its been absolutely Blissful...
The garden is now officially WILD!.

The Apples have grown so much...I have tomatoes growing but all small and green, a few more weeks to get ripe. I had a bit of slug infestation so some of the other veggies have become quite sorry looking...but trying to save what is left. The Sweet pea have produced a whole posy so far!...Its a mixed variety. The blackcurrants will be a little slower this year as we accidentally  hacked the poor thing back in May thinking it was a weed.  We have left our grass a bit too wild!...there are lots of wild f lowers this year~ I quite like it like that as the bee's are enjoying it.  I've been enjoying late evenings watching the Sun go down over the Devon Hills and My little Market Town becoming peaceful and quiet...
Some New illustration/artwork for my Etsy shop (Link in left hand sidebar)..
Whimsical Cottage Garden Girls... I will be updating Shop with New stock Next week/over weekend.
So I'm busy getting Stock printed up.  Thank you Kindly for Supportive comments on my art ♥
(Enjoying the Country Living U.K magazine)

Its been a busy Month really, but Today is the Last day of School for Sophia and the Summer Holidays begin -yippeeeee!!!!. its much needed a break. Sophia looks exhausted after all the RSC Matilda shows! and School in between.
My Lovely Stevie will also get some quality time off work the first week of the holidays...
Its also been a busy old time for me...I've been busy with some exciting commissions (some of which I cannot share for the time being)... I will be so glad of some Family time. And we get two days with My twin Sister and her family.

I hope you will also get some Lovely Summer time off...

x     K a z z y    x


  1. How exciting to shake hands with Prince Charles! I saw his visit on Spotlight and the cider stall (you might have been on tv!)
    I love Tavy. Growing up in Plymouth, we regularly went there. Living in Exeter, it's not so easy to get to, but a few years ago we stayed at The Bedford for our anniversary and was pleasantly surprised to see the market still going strong and Crebers still there, albeit much smaller!
    As usual, your photos are fab, Kazzy. Love your green shoes by the way .
    Hope you have a wonderful summer holiday, once this rain passes along! x

    1. thank you for your comment, before we moved here i used to come to Tavy quite often, its such a lovely Market town. I watched Spotlight and the west country news and looked in local news papers and on line, but you can only see a teeny tiny part of me! He did stop and talk to quite a lot of people and all the stall holders spoke to him too, so I think the news feeds only briefly captured the prince. I really enjoy Exeter we go quite often. Enjoy the Sunshine next week! its heavy rain here now, but the garden needs it! ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual and that must have been pretty exciting and surreal to meet the Prince and the Duchess. I've decided that I have shoe envy, especially the green ones! xx Susan

  3. How exciting to get to shake the hands and chat a bit with the Prince and Duchess. He's looking more like his dad every year. Your surroundings are incredible with all the flowers in bloom and the charming homes and landscapes. You're so lucky to live there! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. all your pictures are so inspiring and your art is really delightful, do think again about the calendars as I think you would do ever so well. You do indeed live in a beautiful place and you give it an extra dimension as you capture the scenery so well with your photography.

  5. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D