Monday, 16 December 2019

Yuletide Traditions...

Its that time of year when everything starts to speed up and there doesn't seem enough hours in the day...
I have such a long 'To Do' list...I seem to be adding more things than ticking them off.
There are quite a few traditions at this festive time of year that I really enjoy doing with family...
and I make sure I make time for them how ever busy things suddenly become...
1. The Christmas Tree competition at our lovely, local church, for charity!...
It gets bigger and bigger every year and the local schools, organisations and local buisness's take part.
The Local Bedford Hotel made this one...
The Christmas dresser full of fairy lights...

2. Picking a Christmas Tree...We always want different sizes and types!. But recent years we've gone for re-planting pot Christmas tree's and have planted them back into the garden on previous years.
4. Making Ginger bread festive shapes and having fun decorating them as a family and baking cakes and savouries...
5. Dickensian Evening...I spent the evening with my lovely Mum....Mulled wine , local choir, sea shanty male group from Cornwall, festive nibbles around the traditional market, roasted nuts, mistletoe and local craft & food stalls...We have a wonderfully traditional indoor and out door market and I also love looking in at all the festive Window displays at this time of year too...Oh; and the Light switch on of the decorative street lights and Christmas tree's.
6. Visiting other lovely Market towns and cities...Like Exeter, Totnes, Truro and Ashburton. Always enjoy seeing all the traditional Yuletide events being held...For the atmosphere and festive joy mainly...
7. One of the main traditional Joys is lighting all the candles at home, turning on the Christmas tree lights...and the Advent candle...
8. I love listening to radio 2 or Classic FM...Choir songs from the Cathedrals and hymns...and some old classic songs.
9.  Giving to charity~...I love having a good December clear out...donated to charity shops.
10.  Being Together as a Family...watching silly Christmas time t.v or singing along to Christmas songs laughing... 1 more week til the end of work and School! yipppeeee!!!!

Exeter Cathedral was absolutely beautiful... and enjoyed walking around the Christmas Market...

I soooo enjoy getting the box's of decorations and old favourite decors out...
Checking all the twinkly fairy lights making sure they all still work!.
Decorating the Dresser and Shelflings...I'm not very good at less is more I'm afraid!...

We have five birthdays this month...My lovely Stevie has just celebrated his we went to a lovely old pub in Cornwall, Looe... The Old Salutation...Its always so beautifully decorated in branches and baubles during Christmas...
We had a wonderful Fish Pie and all the trimmings!...and his Father drove us so we could drink...I had a lovely Cornish cider...The whole pub glittered and sparkled and the fire kept us all snug...Its my Birthday next weekend...

Frosty and Misty Magical Mornings...I do enjoy them...You can just make out the Church in the distance from our Hill Top Garden view... 

My Hyacinths are starting to shoot through...

Sunsets on Dartmoor... ♥

What are you enjoying in the lead up to Christmas day?

x   K a z z y   x


  1. What a charming post, sharing your magical home and life. I enjoyed each photo and every word. I'm enjoying all of it too.. the surprise gifts, the wrapping, the decorating and I'm hosting two small luncheons this week. I'm loving it all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

  2. merry festive wishes Teresa *
    enjoy your luncheons and family time ;) *

  3. Oh my goodness! So many beautiful things to look at!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Your house is so pretty. Our Christmas Market is only a few stalls and very expensive. We try to support local growers and makers and we buy half a lamb every year. Best, Jane x

    1. thank you...yes they can be rather you i buy only a few items. But try to support when buying cards and small gifts...
      merry festive wishes ;)

  5. I love your traditions and the fact that it's a nice blend of 'going out things' but also the home things that can often create the sweetest memories. I think the Christmas Tree competition would be pretty spectacular to see. Merry Christmas. xx Susan

  6. Kazzy it looks so magical where you live - traditions like the Christmas tree competition are fun and all for a good cause. I have been decorating my house, although somewhat minimalist compared to yours! I love your tree and gingerbread. I am not working Christmas day this year so we are having a proper dinner with all the trimmings and watching Gavin and Stacey Christmas special!

  7. Happy Christmas Kazzy, as normal your photos are beautiful. I love going to the Christmas markets, just to buy the odd thing from local craft workers. The Old Salutation looks magical. I’ve not been there before, one to remember when I’m down that way again. Hope you have a lovely rest of the festive season xx

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