Friday, 28 February 2020

...Waiting for Spring

Oh' deary, deary me...The weather has just felt like constant stormy rain clouds...
So many times I have come to type up a blog post and just given up...Maybe it has been my mood?, But the rain for constant days in a row gets you down after a while...I long for some good proper Sunshine.
Yes! we've had a few Mornings or an evening here and there between rain clouds where the Sun has made an appearance But not for long...Blink and you would have quite honestly missed it!.
So yes! I'm waiting for Spring!!.

I think my recent illustrations/art work have reflected my mood for Spring!...
I found some wonderful Vintage illustrations on Pinterest...It inspired some Spring Girl Drawings...
I also found while looking up Flower Fairies these Dutch ornaments ~ I'm not sure who they are by?

But they are wonderful!!...(if you have any info let me know)
Also I have added these Prints and some other New ones into my shop (Link in left hand sidebar)
Mr Foxy and Snowdrops...
I rescued my hill top garden Daffodils from hale stones the other day...
A Lovely Apple and Cinnamon Crumble to warm up your belly on a Cold February Afternoon...

Brightening up my Shelfie...
wild Hyacinth below...
The view from my Hill top Cottage Garden...
★★★★★   ☆   ★★★★★
We've had a few walks this month including Dartington hall estate gardens, Buckfastleigh Abbey and gardens, Kit Hill in Cornwall, Totnes Market town and around our local Market town too along the canals.

I'm running a little Giveaway on my instagram feed....To win this New print...
All you have to do is tell me about a book you loved as a child and I'll pick a winner in a few days time.
**** UPDATED**** winner has been picked, Giveaway closed...

Its the kind of weather that makes you hibernate like a little mouse, snuggle up in a warm blanket and keep close to the fire...Ive still got all my twinkling lights out and around the fireplace and dresser top in the kitchen...I've been decorating the mantel with Spring blooms...To cheer me up!.
♥♥♥♥  ❤  ♥♥♥♥
We enjoyed Pancake day, Shrove Tuesday...
The felties having a playful time on the shelfie...♥
Enjoying cakes at the Charity sale in my local Market pretty!!!!

I do Hope March Brings Sunshine and warmth...

x    K a z z y   x


  1. Oh my.. your world is so cute and precious and adorable! I love your art and how you decorate your cozy home. I just admit after seeing your Cornish pitcher I had to go find one and buy it. Hopefully it will get here before the daffodils are done blooming here on our farm! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. awww so glad i bring you comfort in my pictures...glad you found some cornishware you can get similar ones at a lot less cost, i have a mix of vintage and new and thrifted...they do look pretty with the Spring blooms in them too ;) xx

  2. Whenever I read your blog, I always get a warm cozy feeling, Kazzy. I love the cover of your recipe book. Are they all apple recipes? After seeing your crumble, I think I’ll have to make you tomorrow. I thought we might have a brighter, if extremely windy day today, but no, back to the rain here in Exeter. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    1. aww thank you, i think i look at the brights even on the dark days of winter as i need the cheery in my day and the daffodils sure help...
      the recipe book?...I just make the crumble up myself, no recipe, just simple with apples and cinnamon and make my own crumble using butter, sugar...I really enjoy visiting exeter ;) hope you have mild skies there today, a bit overcast here ;)

  3. Gorgeous artwork and photos as usual. I hope things brighten up for you soon and you get some more sunshine. I'm truly over sunshine and heat right now and would love to trade places and cosy up in your cottage eating pancakes and gazing happily at your cute shelf with the rain pouring outside. xx Susan

    1. aww thank you, yes i think Australia needs plenty of rain and i wish that for you...actually when its mid summer here i often wants the rains too...i would love to visit your coast so beautiful too ;)

  4. first bluebell! lucky you in sheltered Devon … I long to see one :) Walks in the woods (with rescue dogs, my new mission) have been dismal, thick mud up to your shins, slippy slidy, and thick brambles covering whole fields so you can't walk without being tripped and getting your ankles noosed, it's just no fun being out at the mo, so I share your hopes for Spring. The little Dutch ornaments are original, very sweet. Thanks for your cheery post.

    1. thank you, I just updated my blog post because id put first bluebell when in fact i just realised its a wild hyacinth!! silly me, i do know what one looks like really hehe ;)

  5. I'm reading your blog for a long time and I like the photo's and work you are making, the ornaments on your last blog are not Dutch but they are made in Germany, I live in the Netherlands and have often see them there, when you want to know more about it you can look here,

    1. thank you, I thought i might get the info wrong as i wasnt quite sure the origin...I will take a look at the link ;)

  6. That was a lovely cheery post thank you and just what’s needed by us all.
    Lynn x

    1. aww Thank you Lynn, i think we all need some cheery at the moment, with the news and flooding ;)xx

  7. What a lovely blog, you capture this cusp of the seasons so well - the cosiness of lingering winter mixed with the freshness of Spring. Beautiful!xxxxxxxxx

    1. aww thank you soooo lovely to see you visiting my blog, i do admit I cannot wait for Spring and all its blooms ;) Spring to me is when my apple trees start to blossom ( a while yet ) ;)

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  9. Your photos just make me so happy. The weather has changed here for sure and it is warm and sunny for the moment. It helps my mood so much right now as the world has gone so crazy. Thanks for sharing your art with us all.