Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Country Devon Days...Social distancing...

How are we all coping?...Still quite a surreal situation, but getting used to this new routine...
The weather has helped me immensely it is so very beautiful here in Devon...Blue skies and glorious Sunshine...Also My partner who has been a 'key worker' through out this Covid-19 outbreak and working full time and long evening shifts too had a weeks holiday ((A well earned rest!))...It was wonderful to have him home and safely with us...We made the most of Country walks, mainly local to us...
Its been wonderful finding New hidden away places to explore and less 'peopley' places for Social distancing. It shocks me how many people just flock to the park when there is so many other walks on our doorstep. I've avoided the parks all together here. Obviously ,I totally understand if you are in a city and the park is the only green space you have...but here there's many other places than crowding in the park.
I adore this part of our walk down by the river tamar...There is a wonderful old railway carriage made into a holiday cottage...not so much used by the looks of things these days...I'd love one as an art studio! All those windows to an artist would be bliss!... Always reminds me of Elspeth Thompson a British author and journalist...She wrote a gardening section for The guardian Newspaper too...How I first knew of her was many years ago while first blogging when my daughter was a young toddler, she wrote a blog too...sadly she passed away...But she was in the process of making a beautiful home and garden out of an old railway carriage home...I often think of her blog...It was a great comfort to me when I was living on my own.
'The Honesty box'...Sweet Williams...Along the Tamar River.
wild flowers from the local meadows...

I think how lucky I am most days to have a garden...I lived a long time in a ground floor flat with just a tiny courtyard with a wall to look at...So I'm so lucky the last four years to have a hill top garden...and to live in a Country Market town with Dartmoor as my neighbour...Its been like a sanctuary when days have felt awfully worrying and stressy...its relaxed my anxious mind and soothed my soul...Ive watched the blackbirds and robins nesting and return of the swifts and swallows swooping around the Hill top.
Home schooling has been rather more relaxed these last two weeks...Ive felt she needed a break.
We've been more creative and exercising with plenty of walking and looking at nature...
May days and lots of Cow parsley froffing over into the lanes ...My favourite time of year!
Thankful for the glorious blue Devon skies...
One day while gardening I was tackling the overgrown ivy on the old walled garden part of our hill top garden and found the most amazing nest...Made with moss and twigs but also the blackbirds had recycled some of my recycling by adding old pieces of lace and trims and some ribbon and old paper art into the woven nest...It made me want to write a story all about it, But i added a fairy character too...
Dartmoor wild ponies...
An illustration of a foxy with the foxgloves...
The Foxgloves are all starting to bloom down here in Devon...I adore seeing them growing out of the country lanes and wild meadows...And all the wild daisies too!...Such a wonderful Month May is.
One truly wonderful walk we found a Mole on the field foot path near the river...
Sadly passed...But so beautiful to look at...After asking my father who worked many years with the wildlife trust explained that moles do have a short life and he remembered finding quite a few on the nature reserves.
Their black velvety fur and hands almost like human hands...Just so beautiful. My daughter was fascinated.
Mental health: My gardens helping me immensely...
On the other days this month I've been walking and gardening...I've planted so many seedling over the last months and my mixed salad and cosmos have over taken everything else...My tomatoes seedlings I planted later this year and are inside on the Sunny window sill to bring them out a bit more...
We've enjoyed a lot of chicken ceaser salads...

Take care of yourselves until next time,
x    K a z z y   x


  1. How beautiful to be able to take country walks. We mostly stay local around the cricket ground, but we often venture down to the beach ( when it's quiet ) Our parks and the beach get crowded on a nice day too. We have a garden, so we're lucky in that way as well. I love the nest and your lovely book and illustrations :) Take care. Best, Jane x

  2. What wonderful photos you shared! I was amazed by the nest you found but even more thrilled by your flight of fancy with illustrations and a fairy! I would love to have a copy of that book! We found a hummingbird nest when cutting down some old dwarf variegated bamboo.. it's so cute! Take care, be safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. how delightful to find a nest decorated with your own lace and trim! we used to see birds taking our ginger Ambercat fur for their nests! I think it's lovely you have been inspired to make a book. It is a very strange time and I think you are wise to let your daughter take it easy with the homeschooling, she won't remember how many hours she spent doing her times table and computer studies, but she will remember your walks together, picking flowers, drawing and painting together … I promise you. Stay safe - Betty x

  4. Lovely photos :) It's always sad but equally delightful I think to find a dead mole as they're creatures we so rarely get a good look at!

    I'm still loving lockdown life, haha! I know I'm lucky to live somewhere with many and varied local paths and countryside, but even I've been surprised about how many new paths I've discovered on walks from my door! Spring is in full swing here right now, it's suddenly all happening in nature and lockdown has given me so much more time to enjoy it all!

  5. Gorgeously uplifting blog kazzy, isn't this month just glorious? I am so in love with the lushness of it all and the light-long days.
    Stay well and happy!xxxxxx

  6. Oh I meant to add that I too often find myself thinking of Elspeth and her train carriage home by the sea, I adored her blog and we had some delightful email convos back in the day. She is still missed xxxxx

  7. Lovely photos, Kazzy :)
    Good on you for letting the home schooling relax slightly and get out & about instead. It’s so good for mental health and no doubt your daughter was learning things on your walks, which in my humble opinion is just as important.
    The nest you found is delightful, what a lot of effort went into making it! I love the way you find things and then incorporate them into your artwork. It makes them very special x