Monday, 23 November 2020

Moments in November...

Cherishing moments in November


((we will totally ignore the amount of rain we've been having in Devon)) 

We've been getting out wellies and all... 


πŸ’– Totally locally... Those wonderful walks on the footpaths and woodlands and moorlands of Dartmoor... 
Still so much beauty of Autumn around us. 

πŸ’– Beautiful golden sunlight 

πŸ’– November sparklers... It was a lot more quiet during bonfire night but still with a few whizzes and bangs from fireworks from neighbouring farms
πŸ’– Cosy candle light comfort and twinkly fairy lights... 

πŸ’– Autumnal country lanes... 

πŸ’– Walking the country lanes gathering little bits and pieces of festive foliage for wreath making 

πŸ’– Drizzly walks snuggled up in scarves looking across the farmer's fields... So beautiful and peaceful just the sound of pheasants and distant field of cows. 

πŸ’– Slowly getting out little box's of tucked away festive decors... Sorting through the decorations and dressing the home for the festive weeks a head... ✨✨⭐✨
... And more candles🀭

πŸ’– Visiting family for drop off essentials after mum's radiotherapy treatments... 
On the way back we headed to the Cornish Coast for some exercise along the empty beach... It was raining but we still had a wonderful time and the sea air always cheers my soul... I was an island baby after all. Vitamin Sea.... πŸ’™

πŸ’– Beauty of the seascape. 

πŸ’– All the colours of Autumn... 
I love the bracken on the Moor lands changing colours against the green, red and gold of the leaves... 

πŸ’– Hot chocs on cold days... 
... And more candle light ✨⭐✨

πŸ’– Taking part in folk tale week on Instagram... 


Lock down is still in force... 
But trying to make the most of the good, positive things during November... 

x     K a z z y    x


  1. I just love it when I see you've posted.. I enjoy your spirit and artistic talent and your surroundings. You home seems so cozy and full of whimsy. Stay safe!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely pictures to cheer us - your posts are always so pretty and inspiring too. Your art is delightful, the decoupage arrangement on print pages you pictured is just lovely; why aren't you illustrating for childrens books!!!!

  3. Your lovely pictures are a breath of fresh air in a dreary world of uncertainty...will Christmas happen I ask!!!...sigh!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful scenes of your walks,the views of the rugged Cornish coast and glimpses of your art. I am inclined to echo the query posted in a previous comment here about "illustrating books" keep well Amanda x

  4. Gosh I just adore your posts Kazzy. They are beautiful and inspiring. Here here to you illustrating books. Been saying it for years! So so much talent my lovely xxx

  5. You’ve cheered me up no end, with your post, Kazzy. As you say, it’s been so damp and dismal here in Devon! Perhaps I’m in need of vitamin sea. I haven’t been to the coast for about two weeks and am really missing it. Loving your artwork, as always xx

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