Monday, 2 November 2020

November, heading towards another Lock down...

 Hello out there in blog land,  This November we are heading back into lock down to reduce covid 19 numbers.... Again, a worrying time for us all, especially at the moment on the pressure for the NHS. Although my blog tries to be upbeat and positive I do feel the need to be honest and with two parents in their 70s under going radiotherapy and dad who has already had chemo... My mind is full of worry.... 

Schools will stay open as normal. 

As always escapism is my way of coping and usually involves a good walk in the country or by the sea... My 'positive' journal is back out to help me through too, writing down life's happy things... Something to reflect on during those bleak moments.... 

October was a really positive month though and I keep focusing on that... 

But Halloween was eerily quiet, no little ghosts and witches knocking on doors trick or treating, not quite the same, just a quiet night in and a box of chocs... Well, that bit was the same tehe🤭

I still lit my pumpkin and enjoyed the flickering lights... 

I'm lucky to have my wonderful partner, he always keeps me grounded and my lovely daughter who is always there to make me smile.... I've hugged everyone a little tighter this week. 
I'm so thankful we got to the coast too... Before we head to lock down... I keep thinking of those beautiful turquoise colours of the sea... And finding pieces of shell and blue sea glass... 
We headed to Avon Mill nursery after our walk... 
The sky above the roof tops.... 
A wonderful walk in Cornwall.... 

I couldn't believe my eyes when stevie spotted the most beautiful, huuuge Toadstool I'd ever seen... ❤

I love the Lanes covered in Autumn leaves

My friend on Instagram sent me the beautiful hare wreath with toadstools and pumpkins... You can see her feed on Instagram if you click on my post on there. 

I've been keeping as cosy as can be in the cottage... Lots of hot chocs, woolly jumpers, woolly socks and cosy blankets... 

A day later, after my lovely walk I found my little pretty jar of chutney I'd bought off an honesty box in the Cornish village... What a wonderful surprise... And it tasted wonderful with cheese and crackers that evening.... 

I've stocked up on magazines this week.... 
Keep safe and well dear friends.... 

x     K a z z y    x


  1. Our part of the country had has strict lockdown of one level or another for several weeks now, so this latest version just feels like more of the same only marginally tighter. So we sigh, we do as we are supposed to and hope it is enough. Stay safe x

    1. yes lets all hope its brings covid under control, take care,
      keep safe, keep cosy ;)

  2. A lovely cheery post Kazzy, thank you.. I love your art work and photography x

    1. thank you so kindly betty, really appreciate your lovely comments,
      glad its brought you cheerfulness ;) keep safe, keep cosy ;)

  3. Yes it is a very unsettling time her in the US
    The virus is raging but today we are voting and hopefully our leader will be gone
    stay safe
    always enjoy your postings

    1. yes thats a biggy for your country good luck, hope things improve!
      keep safe, keep cosy ;)

  4. Oh this is such a weird time isn't it? I feel sooooo unsettled.....on so many levels. Just getting through each day and going to bed thinking "I've managed today" has been an achievement for me. I really just want to blink and skip over the next 6 months really. Like you though Kazzy, I try really hard to focus on the small little things in my small bubble that give me happiness and solace. I can't really cope with stuff much bigger than that at the moment!

    Your words and your pictures are beautiful. It's really like diving into a Country Living magazine. Really Really beautiful and that perks me up no end. So, Thank You Kazzy for putting a smile on my face today and cheering me up. I really needed it. xxxxxxx

    1. aww lovely surprise vanessa to see you here, yes so unsettling on so many levels, yes take small steps and breathe...yes you enjoy those happy moments and treasure them, the simple things really are the treasures in life, take care, keep safe , ;)xx

  5. Like home in the Uk, here in Spain they are still dithering whether to go on national lockdown again. I really don't mind staying at home if is worth it but I also expect everyone else to respect this and do the same. I am going to try and follow your example Kazzy and concentrate on the small day to day joys and those things to be thankful for. My grand-daughter teaching me how to bake bread.... one of those joys! :-) Gorgeous photos and settings as always...blogging will also count as another of my joys! Keep well Amanda x

    1. yes keep to concentrating on the little daily joyful moments, they are after all are the real treasures of life...small steps, keep safe and keep cosy ;)

  6. That toadstool is impressive and the leafy lanes look very inviting.
    Stay safe and well. X

    1. i just love Autumn and all the colours, i couldnt believe my eyes at the huge toadstool so pretty...yes you too, keep safe and well ;)

  7. I love seeing those fly alaric mushrooms (poisonous). I always thought the white spots were kind of 'painted' on but recently have been able to see that those neat spots we often see in pictures are actually more splotchy than perfectly round and are the white areas exploding out from underneath the red. Anyway they are story book mushrooms belonging to fairy-land. Which is frankly where I would like to be these days!

    Love your art work and all your lovely nature photography as well as your cosy and pretty home. Aren't those cows so beautiful?

    Wishing your family well in these anxious times and wishing you peace of mind as you support your parents. Hoping your parents treatment goes well.

    All the best as we go in to lock-down again. Thanks for sharing the beauty we all need to see.


    1. thank you for your kind comments..nature has a good way of healing us through difficult times...stay cosy and keep safe ;)

  8. I totally want to hear whats really happening there. And I think your ways of brightening these nerve-wracking days are an inspiration. We just got back from 2 weeks at the beach here in Oregon, it was wonderful to get away for a while. Here in America we're on pins and needles hoping the current "leader" is ousted out of office. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. that sounds got your wish!, but hes taking his time to budge!...;) keep cosy and keep safe ;)

  9. These are definitely anxious times and I agree it’s important to find a positive in each day. It was strange on Hallowe’en, wasn’t it. We still did our pumpkin, but we kept it in the living room window rather than on the doorstep. Wonderful toadstools!

    1. yes nature heals us all...that is where i find myself most at ease and happy...after a walk everything seems a lot more positive in my head , take care, keep cosy ;)

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