Monday, 4 January 2021

🌿⭐🌿New year's, catch up🌿⭐🌿


All the *inbetweeny* days before the New year. 

We have all been totally lazy the Last week  of Christmas towards new years day other than local walks and picking up small foody bits we have mainly stayed snuggled up watching t.v or (me) radio 2... And I've been enjoying catching up on lovely cards and gifts...🌿⭐🌿 

Snuggled under woolly blankets with chocs... Reading new books and catch up TV... Escape to the Chateau Christmas special was lovely. I also enjoyed A Wartime Christmas on Christmas eve... 🌿⭐🌿✨⭐✨✨

I had a special video link on Christmas day with my dad on the east coast... (a few tears) 

Its just been lovely to be together and thankful for all that we have.... Its the simple, small things in life that mean the most. I am always so thankful to live in Devon and having so much natural beauty in my doorstep... 
My winter garden view.... And Frost on snow New years day... 🌿🌨️❄️🌿
Hightlights of December... Saying farewell to 2020...a surreal old year we won't forget in a hurry... But still, I find positive moments within my memories... 
A New year 2021...and a new vaccine which gives us all hope... There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. 
New beginning, new journal... Almanac 2021.
Cleared away the Christmas decors... 
Enjoyed our last cuppa before stevie starts back on his late shift... 
I don't think my daughter gets to start school until the 18th in her year group... But she will have online schooling... 

x       K  a  z  z  y       x


  1. So much inspiring beauty in this post Kazzy, both inside and your home town covered in frost....gorgeous x

  2. Beautiful photographs. Your home looks so cosy. Best wishes for 2021. Liz

  3. Happy New Year Kazzy, lovely pics which make me feel closer to my brother lol as he lives in your neck of the woods but never sends fabulous pictures of nature like yours :) It's just so pretty there and your home looks so cosy and inviting. I have had the Almanak out at my library, I liked the moon gardening parts :) Betty x

  4. Happy New year!! The picture looking out onto the winter garden is so lovely. The little felt heart in your last photo is just the cutest. Did you make it?

  5. I always love coming to visit at your cozy cottage! I enjoyed the frosty vistas, does that clock chime a lot? Is it a church? Lucky you to have such a view. Thanks for sharing your charming home with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I'm sorry you are all shut down again. I hope things improve soon.
    Lovely photos!

  7. Beautiful images Kazzy...although I hate the cold I have to admit that frost,those small white ice crystals, transform leaves ,branches and the most mundane things into sparkling works of art. Solace from the cold is in your incredibly cosy and inviting home so I quite understand how you love it there. I am sure the time you spent with your father has meant a lot to you both. During times like these I am certainly thankful for having internet and being able to contact my sisters who live in Torquay and Brixham and also across the pond over there in Australia. Sending my very best wishes to you and your family for the New Year xx Amanda