Wednesday, 6 July 2022

✨Pin Dolly Studio⭐


As promised I thought I'd share my little studio space which I've named Pin Dolly. My lovely partner stevie made it for me... Nothing grand or expensive, but to me it's everything & more... Its literally a huge piece of plywood desk & underneath a vintage cabinet with fixings attached to strengthen it... It was really teeny my old desk space so now I feel spoilt. I'm still under the attic beams. I think having all my drawings & around me helps my creative soul and keeps me inspired and with art supplies always out & ready to use. You can tell already its been well used & starting to look a bit of a jumble... But it's my happy creative space & I love it 💖✨⭐✨

I've put all my little whimsical cut outs in the wildflower tray & with magazine cuttings & inspirations from old books & magazines. 

I've definitely been more inspired 💕
Lots of painting and collage and whimsical brooches in the making✨✨⭐❤️
ive been enjoying looking through the thrift shops & vintage Market for old books to junk journal , ephemera & old magazines. Found some lovely selvedge magazines which are usually expensive. Also one of the articles was on Julie Arkell, wonderful, whimsical artist. Julie is Very talented & very inspiring.
Last weekend we got a few house jobs completed, garden tidying, shopping and a few rather important emails sent. Lots going on behind the scenes including my daughter starting a work experience placement & in her secondary school theatre production and in the middle of mock exams. All feels quite stressful. We decided to take a break from it all and headed to the peaceful moorland and ended up driving to Buckland Abbey, national trust with picnic on the lawn of the garden, we also played a game of tennis... Enjoyed the wildflowers & bird songs. But at least it's a few more weeks & then it's the summer hols. The weather has been a real mix bag all this week... And some beautiful rainbows... 
Cosying up with candles on the grey early evenings a few nights ago... Though today has been rather lovely glimpses of blue sky as the swifts and swallows swoop over head... Thank you to those who take time to comment & read my ramblings ✨🌟

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  1. Love your blog. How to start being creative?

  2. I've been cutting up vintage magazines lately. Always inspiring, like your blog! :)

  3. Your picnic on the lawn of the Abbey sounds delightful. I like your creativity.

  4. Jazzy, you must start your podcast!