Wednesday, 3 August 2022

🌿🌻🌿Finding my feet 🌿🌻🌿

The last few weeks of July I spent mainly in bed with the most awful of viruses... 
I tested for covid but that was clear... I felt completely wiped out, feverish, tired, sick & chesty with eye aching headaches too... 
My daughter had been in the musical Mary Poppins and I'm so glad I made it to see her perform as the chairman... But literally days after I caught this dreaded virus. She had also been so busy with work experience in an office reception in between and then shows at weekends & 4 week nights... So immensely proud of her. Sometimes I look at her and think where have these years flown to... Such a big academic year coming too for her with g. c. s. e's... But so wonderful as a mother to see her blossom and shine ⭐🌟⭐⭐
Sunflowers and heat... Hasn't it been hot! Record breaking temperatures a few weeks back. Way too hot for me... I do love the sun beams and the all the pretty blooms but the humidity really gets me down but luckily we have incredibly old thick, stone walls in our cottage so it's cooler in here. 
One of the hottest days stevie took it as a holiday day off from work and we had a wonderful trip out to Totnes Market town. Actually it was cool with the shade of the shops... We always enjoy the book shops, art shop, charity thrift shops and little cafes. 
Then we drove to Aveton Gifford next to the estuary... The tide covers the causeway and reminds me of my childhood on an island on the east coast. There was a sweet cool, sea breeze along the marshy estuary. And we sat with our water bottles watching swans gather on the low tide... I found a child's washed up boot... 
So I've been trying to find my feet again and enjoy the summer again after being ill. 
Gentle steps into August... 
July had its moments but I'd also been enjoying my creative time... 
Busy in my junk journals and making & painting. 
, 🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿🌻🌿
Being back out and walking and being outside with nature has helped my mental health... Horrible being cooped up inside. 
Saltrum House Gardens... 
And a peaceful duck on the large pond🦆🌿🌾🌿
Apples on the hill top nearly ripe for the picking... 
I've finally started to get my creative buzz back and started making some whimsical black pussy cats with felt, lace and trims. 
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