Thursday, 7 June 2018

From May to June...(part one)

Hello there from the sunny side of Devon...Its been a busy few months with family, School life and work. We've all been totally exhausted of late...Actually, I felt more tired after the half term break.  But today, I have given myself a good hour or so with Coffee cup in one hand laptop in the other to just catch up really...
I have had so much going on lately and one big thing laying on my mind is my Father's health. He is now undergoing treatment for a rare Cancer and been in Hospital in London for nearly three weeks. Its left us all as a family 'shaken' and with 'worry' of what lays a head for him. I speak on the phone to him nearly everyday. But I am on the west coast and he is on the east coast and with that I cannot just visit him and help him the best way I can/want to. I have felt so utterly filled with guilt and sadness.  My father and I are so close~ we have always had such a great relationship and I miss him greatly. And now he needs me more than ever...So as you can imagine its been a roller coaster of emotions lately...I pray so hard he responds to the treatment and can lead as 'normal life' as possible in the years to come...As long as my Father can paint, draw and be out walking the salt marshes and doing his bird counts for RSPB he is a happy soul...
My father taught us from a very early age to appreciate the seasons, wildlife and nature around us. He was a keen ornithologist, Illustrator of many Bird, Sea life books, sold his artwork for the Wildlife Trusts around the East Anglia coastline. Run conservation trips around the world. Designed popular Wildlife brochures and leaflets...and other achievements. His love of wild life runs deep in me...especially helps my mental health. I crave the outdoors, walking...taking a note of what the land has to offer and enjoying the seasons. My Father even ran a small wildlife rescue...Growing up we had a rescue fox that lived with us, barn owl and many small birds...I was always a 'wild' child at heart...
Lately, we have been doing a lot of walking and exploring the Devon and Cornwall Coastline and Country...Its helped me 'escape' from some real 'low eb' moments. To just breath in the sea air for an hour or so has been just the tonic to de-stress.

(  Slapton Sands ) 

( Mount Edgecumbe ~National Trust country Park and Coast)

'Out of the Dark come the Light'...

'Forget-me-not' blue and beautiful.

'Blooming Blooms'

(church yard bluebells)

The sun light has filled the kitchen through May to June...

The Tulips, Sweet William and and roses have filled the home with sent and colour...

('Rising Sun' Cornwall...Along the river path)

I have so many photos from my phone and camera...So I think I will have to do a part two.

The Sunshine and blue skies has really come at the best possible time for me...
I hope you have been enjoying it too.

x   K a z z y   x


  1. Hi Kazzy, so sorry to read about your beloved father. I do hope he makes a speedy recovery. I always feel better when I can get out in the garden or go for a long walk it seems to clear the cobwebs away and organises what is generally my very disorganised brain and helps me see things more clearly and in perspective.

    Lets hope the weather continues.


  2. Hi Kazzy, so sorry to read about your dad, I have a similar story and can imagine how very sad you are feeling. Your new home/surroundings are so pretty, I am glad you have continued your photography as you certainly have a gift for capturing the most beautiful vignettes. Looking forward to seeing part 2:)

  3. It's never easy when parents are ill and one lives far away. Phone calls are useful, but one is never sure that the parent is putting on a cheerful voice so as not to worry you. That occurred many times with me and I was 5,000 miles from my parents when they were ill. Luckily their neighbours and friends kept me in the reality loop so I was able to judge when it was necessary to be there.
    You live in a beautiful part of the country so I am sure nature helps to lift your spirits.
    On another note,your daughter has grown so tall!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear your Dad is unwell, it's very scary and unsettling isn't it! Especially when he's far from you and you want to support and help him. My thoughts will be with you and him, that he responds well to treatment and is restored to good health.
    Your beautiful photos have cheered my soul immensely on a rather dull winter's day in Melbourne. Thank you for taking the time to share and looking forward to the next installment. Anne xx

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