Thursday, 28 June 2018

Time with Dad... Part two...

It was a whirl wind of a few weeks...But I got to spend five days with my father at Guy's Hospital, London. Sadly, he has been undergoing intense cancer treatments and has a mass of tumours covering his body. He is being a tower of strength despite everything. I  had not seen him in such a long time, too long...He lives on the east coast and I am on the west coast and I just couldnt afford the journeys, but myself and my twin managed to get a last minute B&B and took the megabus coach to keep costs low. London is so expensive!.  But I just didnt care I wanted to be my father's side and give him a well needed hug.  I was quite shocked to see him and all the weight he has lost. I held his hand and we talked of childhood memories...we laughed, we cried and we hugged a lot. The main thing is he's keeping strong and keeping positive. At the moment he has quite a lot of treatments going on and while he is undergoing that it completely takes his energy and leaves him wanting to sleep all the time.  But in the next 4 weeks we hope he will see signs of improvement. Cancer is a horrid thing it really is. But he might just beat it and we hope he can lead a as 'normal' life as possible. So, as you can imagine since I arrived back to Devon from London I was an emotional wreck!. Everything hit me like a ton of bricks...Also the intense guilt of leaving him on the ward and walking away...But its so hard when you have a family back home that need you and life goes on...I walked around for a whole week in some kind of daze...physically I felt exhausted.  It had been a tough few days. No one wants to see their Loved one in pain. But I needed that time with Dad. I've been on the phone to him everyday and getting regular updates... I'm hoping in the Summer Holidays before Sophia starts her Secondary school I can go and spend another week in London or at Dads home depending where he will be.  

On another note, Boy' it has been mega hot in Devon. I am not complaining...But i do love the sun when i'm in the shade. 
Until next time,

x    K a z z y    x


  1. Glad you got to spend some time with your dad you definitely needed it and hopefully you'll get to have some more time in the holidays. It is difficult when you don't live that near to family. My mother lived in London and I was in Manchester and it wasn't always easy to make regular trips for either of us. Hope you get to see signs of improvement soon and that he will make a full recovery.


  2. Wish your dad all the best and hope he soon will be better. It is so hard to be away from your family if they are sick. I send warm energy to you and your dad. It is also very hot here in Denmark. Lovely because last summer was so bad.

  3. I send you virtual hugs. I bet your dad was so pleased to see you and your sister.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Dear Kazzy, I so feel for you as I had a similar experience myself and felt all the guilt and emotional exhaustion you are describing as my dad too lived a long way away, take heart that although you may not be at your dads side he knows how much you love him and will be comforted knowing you are doing normal family things and looking after your little one, which of course you must do, when you talk to him on the phone and he hears about all the day to day things you are doing it will be reassuring for him to hear. Travelodge in London do good deals, the one near Marylebone Road is really handy; if you can book way ahead it's cheap and deposit is low, giving you time to save up, you might find something suitable there. Betty x

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