Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer days...

How beautiful everything seems in the Summer sun.
How glorious are those intense blue skies.
The Swift and the Swallows swooping through my hill top garden.
The flickering Sun light through the apple tree's where I sit in the dappled shade.
The Cow parsley lanes on an evening walk...
The sound of the breeze on the Hill top tree's...
The Cornish waves cooling bare feet...
Flags flying, street dancing, Morris dancers and bands as summer festivals come to our little town.
A race to the finish line on Sports day and the Summer hol's just a week away...

On another real positive is that my Father has been coping so well to his many cancer treatments. At the moment signs are on the up and he's even been walking around the ward. My twin Home school's and has had more time to spend with him, so its good to know he has had lots of family by his side. He's keeping so strong and so positive and doctors have noticed such a huge improvement daily. 

Soon the Summer Hol's will bring me more time to visit him...I cant wait!.

x    K a z z y    x

Thank you all for such kind words and the messages via my Instagram account 'kazzyloves'.


  1. Glad things are on the upward path for your dad getting better and nice to have the time in the hols to be there more. The countryside does heal too.

  2. Good news about your father.
    It's a beautiful time of year and your photographs have captured it beautifully. X

  3. Glad your dad is responding well to treatment, hope you get to see plenty of him over the holidays. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

  4. Wonderful to hear your dad is getting better. It is so good news to hear. Hope he will keep up the spirit an go on getting well. Thanks for wonderful summer pictures. Everything here in Denmark is so dry. We have not have rain since May. So we must take care of not light fire. Wishing you and your family a good summer. Hugs from Lina

  5. Hello, just doing a spot of blog catch up. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad but good to hear that he is coping well with the treatments, I've got my fingers tightly crossed for you that all is well.
    Hasn't this weather been glorious, perfect for the Cornwall coast :) xx