Friday 17 August 2018

Summer Sun...

The Summer holidays began in intense heat from the Summer's sun...We have been lucky really...I remember Summer's like this when I was a young child.  We have had days away in Bude, Cornwall. Enjoying family time on the beach with my Twin's children...trips to the South Ham's, Torquay and Dartmoor paddling with the Dartmoor ponies in the rivers. Summer evening walks...its all been rather relaxed and peaceful. Mainly, 'staycation' holidays this year. We are lucky in that respect as we live so close to the beautiful countryside of Devon and near the Cornish Coast too...We just pack the car with pic-nics and blankets and off we pop for a few hours or days.  My partner only had the week off with us so we did pack a lot in.  The weather has taken a turn this week though more overcast and quite a few showers....but in between we've still had plenty of sun. To be honest I like cooler days It seems to give me more energy to walk and enjoy being out without feeling over baked like a jacket spud!...  The Hill top garden where my cottage sits is full to bursting with apples drooping off the apple tree's , blackcurrants and blackberries. I feel some crumbles and pies are in the making next week.

( of my most favourite flowers in Cornwall)
The blooms seem bigger and bolder this Summer...

(days away in Bude with my Twin and family)
(Dartmoor ponies down by the river)
(on the dresser top...Below, I found these wonderful vintage rosettes in the local market)

I hope you have been all enjoying a beautiful Summer...
Update :My father got to go home for a few weeks...was doing really well despite all the intense cancer treatments...even walking to local shops where he lives and visiting friends and local bird watching reserves. But this week they had found more small tumours and he needs to be back in hospital for my treatments. But he's feeling up beat about it all. Each day is a new day, a new hurdle. But He does seem stronger in himself at the moment. We keep our fingers crossed...

Thank you for the lovely comments as always...I've been quite good, a post a month!?

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  1. What a beautiful part of the country you live in. I find 'staycations' are sometimes the best kind of holidays and can be more relaxing than ones where you're darting to and fro all the time. So glad to hear that your father is staying up beat at this time. That can often be the biggest hurdle to overcome. xx Susan

  2. Lovely pictures, especially the ponies. Hope your dad stays strong and gets home again soon.

  3. You live in such a gorgeous part of the country- so perfect for days out :) I miss living near the coast but needed to move to where the jobs were. Means now we make special trips to the seaside and that is exciting in itself - blankets, picnic baskets and buckets to collect beach treasure!!

    Sorry to hear about your Dad - hoping things improve for him soon xxx