Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Goosey Fair, Toadstools and a Heron

Our little town next to Dartmoor holds a Goosey Fair in Autumn...Roads are closed and Children from local Schools like Sophia's get the day off (and my partner took the day off work)  during the fair...Its a very long standing tradition here...Obviously when it started many moons ago it was for the local farmers to sell live stock...
It does still have a smaller live animal market on the day.
But over the years (and taking to our elderly neighbour) it has changed quite a bit to a big fair ground comes to town with a ghost train, rollercoaster, merry go rounds, big wheel, stalls with candy floss and big lolly pops, honeycomb treats and all the sweets you could think of... Such a hive of activity ~Lots of outdoor market fairs and the long standing indoor traditional market...cake stands, artwork, pottery, bric'a'brack, books, honey, haberdashery, butchers, fruit and veg, Devon cream teas and pastries. Outside its more aimed for street markets with clothing, bags, christmas gifts, wreaths, flowers, chocolates, sweets, toys. Its a huge event. And great for local businesses.  I just love walking around taking in the atmosphere. Children laughing on the rides and families enjoying time together...We spend most of it in the traditional part of the Live market wondering around taking in the buzz and atmosphere of it all...where you can see all the varieties of geese, ducks, chickens, sheep and horses...Lots of home made cakes, jams, chutneys, honey, artwork from local artists and crafts people.  Enjoying Hot chocolates in the crisp Autumnal day...such a fun event!. Late into the evening you can hear the buzz, music of it all from our cottage windows..Distant joys of laughter.
And boy' my feeties ache...from all the wondering around.

(images of event from above and vintage photo of man with goose from Devon council website)

And I thought I would share our Mushroom guided tour photographs from last Sunday...We had such a wonderful day...The Nature reserve even put all the different varieties of mushrooms on the research table outside the nature reserve hut. It was wonderful to explore. I dont think i'd trust myself in the future to identify the edible ones!~ they can look quite similar some of the varieties. 

After being in a very busy part of the reserve we walked further into the woodlands crossing small wooden bridges over little streams...Sophia was looking at the fallen conkers and collecting beautiful coloured leaves.
We stocked to have a picnic by a bench and next to it was a beautiful poem by Ted Hughes...Its part of the poetry trail there.

Stevie spotted a beautiful Heron by the river...I quickly hid between the long hanging foliage and tried my best to get a photograph of it.  Sophia had a friendly Robin come and eat her crusts.
The Sunlight flooded the woodlands with magical dappled, flickering light...cobwebs looked sparkling in the light and bird song surrounded us.  An elderly couple had the most amazing telescope camera and told us there was a Buzzard on the low hanging branch~ It was amazing watching the Buzzard digest a small rodent.
Before we headed home we drove to the 'Devon guild of craftsmen' look around the new exhibition there...Sophia created art work in the creative kids area of the gallery~ it was plates of food. And she made cupcakes with tissue paper, crate paper and embellishments. I looked around the gallery shop so many beautiful, inspiring prints, cards and books...We ended up having tea and cake in the attic cafe there too.

Home and cosy. The nights are really drawing in now...lots of candles burning and shepherds pie in the oven...
I managed to sort a little space with a 'new to me' cabinet~ A studio space. Where I can work away in the evenings and get a little more creative. As I seemed to always end up on the kitchen table. And by the time I got into a craft project or illustration someone's homework needed the table or dinner plates and i'd have to clear it all away again. So just under the attic space Ive made a little corner just for 'ME' ~ Yippeee!.

I was wondering around the garden last night...picking up rotting apples. And on the over hanging foliage on the back fence I noticed ' Hellebore flowers ' .  It must be from next doors garden and seeded in ours this year or carried here from birds or wind.?! . Such a delight!. I'm making the most of this wonderful warming Autumnal sunshine in the garden...By the time Winter arrives We wont be able to use this top part of the hill top garden as the steps are steep and made of flint and slippery during wet periods and icy in frost and snow.

My father's not had the best of weeks with trialling his new cancer treatment. His energy levels and strength seem low and causing him to feel quite depressive and so very tired. I really hate this cancer!. I so wish things will improve. At the moment its just on going 'backwards forwards journeys to London'  Guy's Hospital and the treatment is so intense. The Nursing staff and Doctor's are doing the best they can and I really take my hat off to them. We should all be Thankful for the NHS.

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  1. The fair looks like fun and I'm with you about identifying the edible mushrooms. I think I'll stick to buying them! Enjoy your special craft space and I'm sorry to hear your Dad is at a bit of a low ebb. Sending hugs and wishes to you, your Dad and your family. xx Susan

    1. thankyou susan, I have a thing for mushrooms they really amaze me. but your right i wouldnt trust myself to identify them to eat. thanks for your kind wishes on my dad xx

  2. The fair is great, I went years ago when my parents lived in South Hams. Love the Devon Guild if Craftsmen. Yes hats off to NHS as my husband has just spent the last six months in and out of hospital

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. thanks Julie, sorry to hear of your husbands ill health, best wishes xxxx

  3. Sorry your dad is going through a hard time, you're right, the NHS really does give the very best care and I hope they find the best medication for him quickly. I would love to go on the mushroom class, like you I find them fascinating - you should read about Beatrix Potter and mushrooms, if you haven't already. I think the red ones you have are fly agaric (poisonous) but aren't they magical. So lovely to see you drawing again, hope the inspiration flows now you have made yourself a little creative corner.

    1. thanks lovely xx yes! thats right the red ones are...I had my field guide mushroom book to hand but still quite hard to identify between the browner, beige more edible ones...they look too similar!. Yes i love Beautrix potter and have a few of her books including her watercolour studies of nature and wildlife xx

  4. Hoi Kazzy,
    Ik schrijf mijn berichtje in het Nederlands ik hoop dat je het kunt vertalen.
    Ik heb zoveel mooie post voorbij zien komen!
    Je dochter jarig 12 jaar geworden! (grote (kleine) meid! Mooie foto's van de natuur.
    Gezelligheid in jullie huis. Een mooie en gezellige Fair. Maar ook verdrietig nieuws over je vader.
    Ja kanker is een slopende ziekte het is verschrikkelijk verdrietig om een dierbare zien te vechten en lijden.Het breekt je hart.
    Ik hoop dan ook dat je vader opnieuw moed en kracht vind om door te strijden.
    Aan jouw liefde zal het niet ontbreken...
    Ik sluit af met iets luchtigs: wat heeft jou tweeling zuster een grappig,lief vosje gemaakt! Heeft ze daar ook een patroontje van?
    Ik wens jou en je dierbaren veel kracht toe en liefde.
    Veel groetjes en warmte uit Nederland, Jeanet

  5. What a lovely post - the mushroom say and walk, plus the visit to the gallery sound like a day well spent. I was sorry to read about your father though.

    1. thankyou louise I was just admiring your photographs on instagram xx

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  7. I have always wanted to visit the Goosey Fair in Tavistock, the tradition part would appeal to me too. What a fantastic picture you took of the heron. So sorry your Dad is having to go through further treatment, it must be so hard being so far away. Sarah x

    1. yes! it is a long standing tradition. I feel each year there is less and less of the real part where the animal market is ~ although the fairground is great for the children I think the traditional ways are being left behind a bit. but its still a buzz of activity and lots to see. it was a very quick picture on my phone of the heron so not the best piccy as it was a little way away at the river edge between the foliage,,,but a great sight!. x