Monday, 18 November 2019

folk tales & fireworks

Of myth and magic...
Comes a fairy tale...

(Boscastle, Cornwall)

I took part in #folktaleweek2019 on Instagram...Each day you were given a prompt...
I really enjoyed it...My lovely Stevie had gifted me New watercolours and with a plain white sheet of paper I began to imagine the stuff only believed in folk tales...And illustrations began to appear like Magic!.
I think you should always have a little fairy dust and magic in your days especially in today's world.
A little girl with Pixie boots shared a little home and bed with a fox, hare and hedgehog...
warming by the fire in their over turned Toadstool house...
I've added these Folk tale inspired Prints to my Etsy Shop (Link in left hand sidebar of my blog)...
FREE!!!! Robin Wreath Print with every purchase, Free u.k delivery and £4 overseas postage.
Remember Remember the 5th of November...We missed the main Fireworks display this year and watched them on the hill top garden and had sparklers and hot jacket potatoes from the stove...
Actually, It seemed a lot more magical like that...close to home and the array of whizzes and bangs and colour and stars glittering around the sky above our cottage...
We all cuddled up in our big coats and many layers of woolly mittens and scarves looking up towards the big star lit sky....Glittering stars filled the sky ☆★✶☆★✶✯

I have all the fairy lights on and sometimes in the day when its been quite dark...
I love a home filled with candle lights and fairy lights...

My Brother and wife came to visit for a lovely long weekend...They drove us to Tintagel, Charlestown and Boscastle, Cornwall all in one day!...Boscastle I had not been to in years! so that was a real treat...I love the oldey worldy cottages and wonky roof tops...So much myth and history surrounding these harbours villages from smugglers, mermaids and king Arthur's legends...There is a wonderful and magical Museum of witchcraft in Boscastle, sadly closed (I have been before but many many years ago when I was first moving to Devon)...But I loved the decor surrounding the museum entrance...
It was quite a stormy day and added to its charm with whistling winds and dramatic spooky skies...
I love the excitement of crashing waves against the rocks...
(The Secret Garden Print available in my Etsy shop)
...Friendly Robin at Stover Nature park...with a very serious little face.

Absolutely beautiful Autumnal colours by the river leading to the large lake ♥
My Pixie found an over turned toadstool...
My very own Pixie in the woods... ♥

We have also enjoyed a few weekends exploring the woods around Stover nature park and the Make2019 Exhibition on at the Devon guild of Craftsmen....I loved the needle felt old women By Kate Toms...We had a wonderful chai tea cake with butter icing and earl grey teas while Sophia enjoyed a huge hot chocy with all the trimmings...

I hope you have been enjoying the seasonal delights and a little magic!

x   K a z z y  x


  1. What a magical and pretty post, my friend. You really are an amazing artist. I love the little home in a mushroom and the bed full of animals. Thanks for sharing photos from your day of adventure, I can only dream of seeing those things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. These beautiful prints really do all evoke fairy like worlds so much. The compositions are really lovely - a huge skill in itself to be so imaginative. The art work is beautiful. I love them all very much. You have worked very hard and the results are stunning. I love visiting with you to see all the pretty and magical things. Thank you :)

  3. Your artwork is fab, Kazzy! I love the magical illustrations. It's a shame the Witchcraft Museum was closed. It's a really interesting place and they've kept a tide mark on the wall to show how high the water came during the massive flooding several years ago. That Robin does look very stern, serious and a little bit superior, haha.

  4. Hi Kazzy! Oh, I love that robin. Ours are so different here.
    Lovely prints! Well done!

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