Wednesday, 21 July 2021

💛Sweet peas in Summer💛

Oh' my its been a hot couple of weeks💛

The temperature is too hot for me, I do love the sunshine but not the intensity of heat. So, well, due to that major factor my productivity & energy levels have been awful. But my feelings of being on a low eb have slightly improved... Just been taking life a little slower has helped. Soon it will be Friday and then the starts of the Summer hols for my sweet Sophs... And Stevie gets a weeks holiday too... So hopefully we can plan some outings... Stay cations mainly. We haven't planned a thing yet!. 

Posy of garden blooms... Wonderful colours of Sweet peas... 
Two weekends ago we had a drive towards Plymouth to Saltrum House, National Trust House and gardens, huge estate... The house was only allowing groups of 6 people and we joined the back of the group, it felt like we had the beautiful rooms to ourselves... My jaw dropped at the entrance... 
So mainly huge, wonderful paintings... Some by Joshua Reynolds... 
Saltrum House was also used as a filming location for Sense & Sensibility which starred Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant. 
Wonderful grounds to explore... 🌿🌞🌿
My favourite part of any historic family home as big as this is the area where the cook and maids, butlers and bottle washers worked so hard away... It fascinates me the old rustic kitchens... The big kettles on the open fires, pot & pans and large dressers filled with all the kitchen wares... Like Downtown Abbey. The real hub of the home... 
The garden boarder was beautiful with lavender pink poppies... 
Next time we will need a few more hours to explore as there's so much more to explore... 
Friends from the estate came to say hello. 
Below, back in my Market town Community garden roses... 💖
Enjoyed a wonderful slice of ginger spice cake... 
Wonderful blooms... Really enjoying the National Trust gardens around Devon & Cornwall. 
We had a Sunday in Totnes... 
(I'd had a fall down my hill top steps so we were taking it easy as my leg and ankle were still healing just cut & badly bruised ) 
We also drove to Buckfastleigh Abbey Gardens on the way home for a walk about and sit in the shade of the gardens. 
Due to the heat mainly & taking a bit of a break I've hardly done any creative work... But I decided to sit under the apple trees in the late afternoon with my sketch book and watercolours and just let my imagination appear on the paper... A little fairy being emerged... 

Thank you kindly for the supportive comments on my last post... 💖 I'm healing & still giving myself time to breathe and slow down. 
Enjoy the Summer, 
x     K  a  z  z  y    x


  1. Oh! Your fairy is lovely! I hope you have a jolly holiday!

  2. Such a lovely visit!

    The heat does take a lot out of all of us. And the older we get (I know!) it takes more. -smile-

    Continue to heal....

    Gorgeous photos all.


  3. I love the fairy you created, so precious from top to toe! What beautiful countryside and huge homes! I bet the cooks knew every inch of those gigantic kitchens with all their hideyholes and drawers and cupboards!

  4. And again I love every photo of yours!! I agree; kitchens in manor houses (or any museums) are most interesting and beautiful places! Have a lovely end of july!

  5. This was a fabulous post to read and I as always enjoy seeing your photos! Most particularly those taken in the stately home. There are some fabulous Mansions to visit in Cornwall and Devon. My sister was married in Buckfast Abbey ; a wedding I couldn't attend much to my disgust! I have been invited to my nephew's wedding in Cockington next May I just hope Covid will be under control by then and I can go. Very glad you are beginning to feel better. Your fairy is lovely! Have a wonderful staycation. Amanda x