Monday, 2 August 2021

Summer journal🌿🌞🌿


I've suddenly got into the swing of being creative again, which fills my soul with happiness. I had really been lacking that creative flow... I always find its good for mental health to keep being creative... Mainly, watercolour painting in an illustrative style at the moment ... I've found journaling my Summer adventures to National Trust homes & Gardens has given me a reason to reach for my paints and pens... Its a lovely way to record your day. I love photography too. I do not own expensive lenses and super duper cameras but I try to be creative with what I have, usually just my mobile phone camera these days. So I have lots of photos to work from when I get home and paint. 

I take small elements of each photo and plan out how it will all link together leaving the left hand side for writing up about the house, garden and general visit. There's so much that inspires me it's hard to fit it all in... 
πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸŒΏJuly round up... πŸŒ±πŸ’›πŸŒ±
August has arrived so quickly... And my weeks holiday with sophs and stevie has come to an end... But it's been a really good week. We didn't plan anything each day... Just went for a drive and ended up somewhere... Like Buckland Abbey nr Dartmoor national Park. Another wonderful National Trust House. We all love walking and sophs loves history and I so enjoy the gardens... 
The wildflower boarders were stunning! πŸ’š
 Wonderful kitchen gardens too... 

Its a huge estate, holiday cottages, bee hives, woodlands, fields with horses, cattle and sheep, the great barn and museum... πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸ‘πŸ
The Hollyhocks along the medieval Wall... 
Bug~land Abbey gave us the giggles. 
Beautiful bee hive ceiling inside the house🐝
The house is well known for its links to Sir Frances Drake. And used to house Drakes drum. There is a beautiful painting of Lady Drake on the walls...  πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸŒΏAnd we've also visited Antony House and Torpoint, Cornwall...we had all weather's, a real mix bag, beautiful blue sky and hot sunshine then overcast and after an hour monsoon rains! We went on the car ferry from Devonport in Plymouth... And Torpoint is on the other side. 
My mum saw dolphins here, but none when we crossed the sea. I kept my eyes peeled. 
Antony House and Gardens was also used for the filming of Alice in wonderland that starred Johnny Depp. Its still a family home so only open certain days... The upstairs was closed since covid and the tea room shut too. But still much to explore... So many beautiful paintings in the entrance hall and up the huge staircase. 
Wonderful gardens to explore... 
We had a lovely time but slightly cut short due to the weather... 
Wonderful home... I love all the textiles, paintings, tapestries & ceramics... 

So I've started another watercolour painting in my journal... 
x     k  a  z  z  y   x


  1. Hello,I'v just found your blog through one of the other bloggers,but can't remember who.Your blog is amazing and so is your art work.I deleted my blog,but have now started another.I am out 6 days a week,so little time and not a lot of energy left to blog.Love the photographs and so interesting to read.

  2. Hi Kazzy, I like your journal - you are very good at doing buildings :) it's a really lovely way to express your art and I hope you do loads more :) I love the wildflower garden, you may not have fancy camera equipment but your photography is always good and I look forward to your posts a lot :)

  3. As always I love your art work, it's really lovely. I do very much like how you have incorporated the different things you saw, all in the one composition. I love that the little owl and bunny from the embroidery have popped up in the garden. I think how you have interpreted Lady Drake is really pretty too.

    I haven't much patience for drawing buildings (I only dabble in a little drawing every now and then) but you have retained all the charm and captured a sense of nostalgia. Your book is going to be amazing to have as a memento of all the places you have visited.

    People often think it is posh cameras that get the great pictures but actually it's the person behind the lens and the ability to really 'see' and appreciate that makes the biggest difference.

    I always love coming here to see and read your latest posts. Thank you for sharing with us.I hope you will always keep making art.


  4. When I see you have made a post, I rush over, because it's like being transported to a beautiful world. Not only are the photos you share beautiful and breathtaking or heart-touching, but your art is just divine.

  5. Wow, what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing. Your art is simply beautiful.

  6. Stunning again! I can travel with your photos to lovely places! Wow; Alice in wonderland filmed there! I like a lot Johnny Depp's movies. I would like to say "lovely lovely lovely" every time here, (and feel myself boring), but that really is what I feel! I LOVE your blog!

  7. Love the beautiful images and your beautiful journal pages! Very relaxing. :)

  8. I have come in a bit late to enjoy your ,as ever, beautiful post. Your images as always transport my thoughts to magical places such as secret gardens,elven havens and fairy kingdoms. You have such an eye for really seeing what to capture. keep well Amanda x

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