Monday, 30 August 2021

๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒฟSummer's end...

The last weeks of Summer turned into glorious sun most days... Beautiful early morning skies & evening sunsets... The start of August was heavy rain clouds. My Summer journal took an unexpected back seat as we've had three major break downs and shocking expense with the car, so we're now on the hunt for a new one. So Ive not visited any National Trust houses since the beginning of August. I will get back to journaling through Autumn though. At least it meant we've been doing some lovely walks.


Picking the last tomatoes & late summer posys from the garden.... Enjoying the views from the hill top part of the garden...
Lots of wonderful bunting around my Market town... We all had a trip to the city and gifted ourselves some new books... My favourite was this lovely folklore book on woodland and forests... Something to enjoy in the Autumn months ahead. 
Beautiful Dahlias from the Market... 
Everytime I walk into the kitchen and look at the dresser top I instantly smile they're sooo pretty. 
Simple pleasures: enjoying hanging out the washing in the early morning sun 
Lighting the candles in the evening... 
Feeling cosy and snug in the kitchen... 
Painting again... Rabbits & fairies... Whimsical wonders... Garlands in the making... 
I had a lovely walk in the park with my mum and we ended up in the Community garden, beautiful day Sunny but breezy... 
While we chatted my daughter whizzed round the whole park on her skateboard (one of her early birthday gifts) 
We ended up with late afternoon tea & coffee cake by the river cafe.Lovely to catch up. 
This bank holiday we escaped the car stress, packed backpack of lunch & drinks and headed on the Drake's trail across gem Bridge, through the woodlands, through the old railway tunnel, back across the another bridge over looking the woodlands then headed down to the river Bank, we paddled bare feeties in the cool Dartmoor river water...then back home by the farmers field... Beautiful day... Peaceful. 
Wonderful to be enjoying these precious sunny days...
x      K a z z y      x


  1. Can we see and hear more about your art and what you are doing with it.Please!

  2. I must tell you how much my dear wife Teresa loved your posts. I can see why, your art and your photos are a pleasure to see.

    chef Dayle and Mocha from Corbett

  3. Hello Kazzy, Stepping into September already :-) There is so much beauty in your part of the world and your photos reflect this really well as does your artwork. I am so looking forward to the cooler weather here in Autumn. keep well Amanda x

  4. Thank you for this post, of delights for the eye and the Spirit.

    I am not blogging at present, but surely enjoy such posts, as yours.

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