Thursday, 16 September 2021

🌿🍁🌿Sweet September 🌿🍁🌿

Those Sweet September days when the sun is still warming but you get a hint of Autumn with the crisp, cool early starts. The leaves are turning gold & red... And you have no idea what to wear... Cardigan or coat?, dress or trousers?... I did get caught out in quite a rain shower... One minute it feels hot then it suddenly changes.

Wonderful early evening light... πŸ’›
Picking all the last fruits, Apples & tomatoes. And so many blackberries in the hedgerow. 
Enjoying them in my oaty porridge... 
Busy with my watercolours, pen & ink... I have two Autumnal to Christmas fairs, only will be small events, but back into the swing of getting my artwork out there... I will only have a small part of a shared table so it's trying to plan out how to display & what to take... 
Lots of foxy & rabbit designs/illustrations. 
When I do events like fairs I'm very anxious, so nervous... But once I'm there set up I seem to enjoy it... I do love talking to other artists, artisans, crafter, food producers ect... Its always important to buy off the small business and support local. I try to as much as I can. I saw a sign that said "if you buy just one card off of me I do a happy little dance inside"... Its does feel like that when you get positive comments and your first sale of the day.
My watercolour pumpkin on the shelfling... Love getting the candles lit in the evening... 
Wonderful walks in our local Market town... 
I love seeing other people's wreaths on doors, throughout the seasons... πŸ’›
Picked up a lovely jam from the W. I ladies at the food market here... Actually I preferred it with savoury scones, butter & cheese! Yum!. 
I've been doing a lot of walking since we've been looking for a new car... But fingers crossed we might have a new car by the end of this week. 
Such an expensive couple of months!. 
But so looking forward to having more freedom in a car... 
Cosiness of my woolly slipper boots & good books, warm tea & snuggly blankets. 
Especially on the days when there was thunder and lightning in our market town... 
Then beautiful skies... 
Thank you kindly for all the positive & kind comments on my art and photography, really cheered my soul, 

x    K a z z y   x


  1. Lovely all...

    Your posts are so good, for the soul....

    Gentle hugs,


  2. Hi Kazzy, your pumpkin art is lovely - good luck at the fayres, I hope you can cram lots of lovely artwork into your 1/2 of the table!

  3. So beautiful. You live an enchanted life. xo

  4. Of course your watercolors are beyond beautiful. And your photography, too! What an incredible shot, the lighted clockface against the stormy skies.

  5. I miss so much England! And these photos makes it coming closer. These photos are like fairytales, each of them! <3 Love love love

  6. Hello:)
    I'm Mila. Thanks for share your time. It's so relaxing to see your pictures.
    Do you have some page were we could find your products? Please.
    I send you strong hugs from Mexico.

  7. Ok, I checked the Etsy page "strawberry lane". It's your only online page? What about all that awesome crochet and work work?

  8. I wanted to Said: Patchwork work jeje :)

  9. I love your bountiful posts! And your gorgeous artwork! You inspire and cheer me. Thanks so much. Hope you get that car soon! :)

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  11. Hello sorry it won’t let me sign in. Anyway Brooke here loving your pumpkin it’s stunning !
    Could you please tell me the book title showing the September pages with your blackberry porridge please x