Sunday, 12 December 2021

✨πŸŒŸπŸŽ„ A lot like Christmas πŸŽ„⭐✨


Autumn to winter...a little catch up 

I Can't quite believe it's almost Christmas... These last weeks have flown by haven't they... My inner being starts to panic a weee bit when I know school finishes next Friday & things need to be packaged and posted to loved ones on the east coast... I always say to myself be more organised but these weeks seem to have crept up on me rather too quickly... But *sigh* it's Sunday evening we've all eaten supper early as we had a late breakfast... Plates washed & slippers on & sitting here watching the film of Little women with Sophia... Watching the warm glow & flicker of the candles & fairy lights on the Christmas tree. I got out my box of vintage christmas books mainly children's stories... 
We've enjoyed birthday celebrations, my stevies was yesterday & we had a rather lovely trip to Exeter... So we're all full on cake. 
We've enjoyed a walk along the Cornish coastline of Looe... Sophia enjoyed the amusement arcade & won some little treats... 
I enjoyed beach combing treasures along the shoreline... The sea was so calm... Just the sound of seagulls swooping and calling to each other...
Stevie gifted me early birthday gifts this year on a date trip out... Beautiful woolly mittens with bead details, a foxy cup & handmade hare tree decorations... Oh' and a pair of woolly slippers. We both have December birthdays! 
I so enjoy it when stevie helps me get out all the Box's of Christmas decorations... Like a child with a box of sweets... Each decoration filled with excitement & memories. 
Dickensian Evening went ahead this year & a little smaller than last year in our market town... But still with its magic & excitement... 
And my mother had a tree in the church Christmas tree festival... For her Morris dancing group... She even made it in the paper! 
My shelfling dressed for Christmas... 
The Dartmoor Christmas tree full of sparkle & treasures... ✨✨✨πŸŽ„✨✨✨πŸŒŸπŸŽ…πŸ€Ά
A handmade wreath with mistletoe... 
And well, this is me snuggled up with three layers, mittens and woolly jumpers... Its ever so nippy out there... & we live in an old drafty cottage, but I wouldn't change it at Christmas I like getting my hot water bottle & blanky and snuggling up. And enjoying the warm glow of candles flickering in glass jars... 
Opening advent calendar doors... I made a large card foxy, the snowdrop fox... 🦊✨🌟✨
A few weeks ago I started snipping...snip,snip snip!.. Lots of paper motifs for the whimsical window like I did last year... But a little smaller... I haven't quite finished it yet... ✨🌟✨
A wonderful trip to Exeter... For stevies birthday 
Visiting the beautiful Exeter cathedral & Christmas Market too
The Cathedral is free (small donations advised) during the festive season when the Christmas Market is on the green. Its stunning inside and absolutely huuuuuge. All the religious artwork, carvings, sculpture, stone architecture... Just wow!... Choir music played or could have been a practice (but couldn't see choir group)... The sound echoed beautifully around the stone walls and ceiling... Amazing place to explore. 
My parents gave Sophia early Christmas money to spend while we were in Exeter as they never know what to get & rather she got something she'd wear/use. We each get each other some small as a tree gift... Only around £5-£10... I love a thoughtful message in a card most of all. 
Its definitely looking a lot like Christmas every where you go... ✨✨🌟✨πŸŽ„✨🌟

✨✨✨🌟 K  a  z  z  y 🌟✨✨✨


  1. Hi Kazzy, this is a lovely post - I really like the snipping you are doing! belated happy birthday :) Hope you have a magical Christmas x

  2. Oh, I love all these photos, all things in them. <3 <3

  3. Dear artist, do you have an Instagram or a YouTube channel? Because you should. Your artistry is just out of this world. Coming to your blog is like entering a fantastical otherworld of whimsy and beauty. I love each and every post! Your little fox holding up a mushroom will have me in smiles for weeks.

  4. Beautiful post as always. Have a wonderful Christmas Kazzy

  5. LOVE all of these Christmasy images! Your art makes my heart sing. :)
    I love your whimsical window SO MUCH. And the little gnome/tomten galloping on the donkey just stole the show for me! Merry Christmas to you and yours!