Wednesday, 31 August 2022

⭐🌻Summer's end🌻⭐

Summer's drawing to a close... 
Last days of August and the weather has been lovely (not too hot!)... Myself and this Summer have had a rather odd relationship almost wishing it was over before it had started... But, these last weeks I've enjoyed it. Lots of walking the moorlands on early evenings & little adventures to Cornwall. 
Watching the swifts and swallows last dance in the skies above the hill top and having quality 'staycation' holiday time with my family. We have walked miles due to petrol prices and the looming energy hikes in bills to come (shockingly worrying) ... But we're very used to making the most of what Devon & Cornwall have to offer, we are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful area and I definitely don't take that for granted. We're very used to cutting back, simplifying our life and keeping to a budget. But I'm concerned on how dramatically high bills will become😬 but we will have to cross that hurdle over the next months. Anyways, as always looking for a happy escape and sharing our little adventures here... 
One of our walks takes us along the Tamar River in Cornwall starting at the rather pretty village of Calstock... I think I've mentioned it quite a few times here on my blog but it basically leads up river to the woodlands and set on a hill amongst the wood is Cotehele estate, national trust property, also a mill and Cotehele quey with museum. There is a river side community cafe, a kind of help-yourself & put money in the tin type of situation... We didn't buy anything but we did sit on the quey where there is a boat yard and boats being restored and little creative studios there too. Just watching the sparkles of sunlight on the flowing river... It was a beautiful day. 🌞Then we walked past the river cottages and up to the woodland hill... Steep climb. 
We headed towards the Apple Orchard at Cotehele to have our picnic and drinks... I cannot describe the beauty and bounty of all the apple trees... Full to busting point with apples. So many varieties. My apple trees have done well this year but cutting the trees back quite harshly I'd noticed a lot less apples. Maybe it takes time to establish the growth and and quantity after being cut. My mum took a bag home with her to make some pies. And I've made two crumbles. 
I wanted to move in to the Apple Orchard house🍏⭐✨🍎🌻🏑🍎⭐
The Christmas garland which is made up of all the dried cut flowers on the estate which they put up in the great Hall... Its spectacular at Christmas there... ✨⭐✨✨The garden volunteers were cutting, gathering the flowers to hang and dry. 
(The Box Museum) 
We walked the rest of the estate, looking at the gardens, potting shed, pond, woodland, great Hall, medieval home, bedrooms & kitchen. Then walked back down the woodland hill & back towards the tamar River. A really lovely family day... πŸ’•
We've also been to the Box museum in Plymouth and walks along the Moorland... Its beautiful up there at the moment with array of colour from the Heather and gorse bushes.... 
Wonderful dartmoor... πŸ˜ŒπŸ’šSo colourful. 
I've still been busy in the early mornings or an hour in the evenings... Mixed media painting. Working away in my little Pin Dolly Studio πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ§š‍♂️✨⭐🌼✨
Also I just love making junk journals... Especially the front covers using old books... Lots of cuttings from magazines, ephemera, wrapping papers, vintage images. ✨⭐🧚‍♂️✨
... And soon it will be back to busy routines as September days kick back in... 
But... Just for a moment Sipping on warm milky tea in the late Summer evening haze in the garden... And soaking in those last rays of beautiful Summer. So peaceful 😌✨⭐🌞
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